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People Who Did Not Succeed In Nigeria Travel Abroad To Commit Crimes…Iya Ereko

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Veteran Yoruba actress popularly known as Iya Ereko, is not in good mood about the rumours which went viral that she is not in a good mental state of health.

Serious speculations had it that she was suffering from depression after she found out her son was deported from abroad and she had planned on committing suicide.

The actress in a recent chat with Punch, claimed that all was well with her and her son was never deported. Adding that she recently celebrated her birthday and also spent about N4million in a yet to be released movie.

She stressed that her son never committed any crime and as such cannot be deported as he travels at will.

“I wonder who is peddling these rumours about me. I heard of the story that things were hard for me and I was contemplating suicide and I was shocked. They even went to the extent of saying that my son was deported from overseas. It is not true and I wish these people whatever they wish me. I feel the news is from my detractors. I am hale and hearty and I even celebrated my birthday a few days ago. How can I contemplate suicide when I just spent N4m on a movie that is to be released on Monday? There is nothing wrong with me. In fact, when my son returned to Nigeria, he received a call at the airport and the caller was asking after my well being. He had to tell them that I am alright, that he was coming to meet me. My son did not commit any atrocity, so why should he be deported?

“My son returned last week and he is also hale and hearty. He travels at will because he has nothing to hide. It is the people who did not succeed in Nigeria that travel abroad to commit crimes. My child did not commit any crime and he was not deported. He came home on his own volition,” she said.