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My Real Source Of Wealth—Rukky Sanda

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Some set of people would have been wondering where Nollywood actress, Rukky Sanda, gets all her money from as she majorly lives a large lifestyle. Well, the actress has come out to clear the air on that.

Rukky stated that she has been making her money from other businesses before she ventured into Nollywood and did not have to go begging to make ends meet in her career.

According to her, she had to make do with the several amount she was making from acting and with the support of her mother; she was able to invest them in movie production.

She revealed that she had to apply for loan from her mother to make the investment which she later refunded when she made more returns from the sale of the movie.

Speaking with Leadership newspaper, she said, “Before I got into Nollywood, I was already doing business. I used to sell stuffs so I had my money to put into it and my mom supported me obviously which was a loan. She collected her money back but I had my mom to support me to loan me money for the film and I returned afterwards. Starting out, I wouldn't say it was easy because as at 2005, it wasn't like N3 million was one small money. It is not like it is now, but you know, I had my business money to put into it and my mom supported me. I don't actually get executive producers. I am my executive producer and maybe my family or my cousin, you know, everybody, when I am like okay, guys, let's do this.

“It is not like I don't believe in going to hunt for executive producers but it is just not my thing. I had someone come once that wanted to do a movie which we did and before the movie even came out, they were on my throat for the money. I had to return it to them after we finished filming. They did not even finish editing. They called me and were like 'oh, we heard the movie is out and blah, blah, blah'. So, I was like 'you are going to get your money back and you are not going to get any credit as the executive producer. So, since then, I just decided when it is convenient for me, if I could afford to do it, I will.”