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Bloviating Rotimi Fashakin, APC and President Buhari-- To my Igbobrethren. Where are your ears?!

By Ugo Harris Ukandu
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Rotimi Fashakin,
Legal, fair and consistent opposition in all democracies is the backbone of every single achievement democratic ideals have achieved every where it is practiced. President Buhari needs support of all Nigerians to fight corruption and ills that is destroying Nigeria if he is sincere, but he cannot fight corruption by hating and victimizing people who did not vote for him, that in itself is the worst form of corruption in a democracy and I hope he know that.

Many states and people in Northern Nigeria, Western Nigeria, South South and Middle Belt did not vote for President Buhari. Why is this your retarded obsession with how Igbos did not vote for President Buhari has been going on for many years now. President Buhari has been in Power before in many positions in Nigeria and from available records he is a failure in those position he headed, be it as a head of state, Governor, PTF, NNPC etc, because he did not achieve much for his people and for the nation then. So if he did not achieve much for his people and the nation then, why should Igbos trust him to achieve anything for Igbos now. That's common sense; forget the Nigerian factor that clouds people like you to think in reverse. Garbage in garbage out.

Every President in America win election to move all parts of America, the people and the country forward period, and think less about people who did not vote for him or her. Thats what President Buhari and APC should do if they are normal people. Despite winning the election APC and all its leadership have been shamefully bloviating all over the place dancing naked. I supported President Jonathan and PDP, but APC and President Buhari won the election and we congratulated them. Now is time to Govern but so soon what we see and hear every day is bloviating and making self serving and juvenile statement by the leadership of APC.

Are you Rotimi Fashakin not tired of your unwanted and bloviating advise to Igbos? APC, President Buhari and your Yoruba people should have been tired of advising other people when empirical evidence shows that you are not doing better than the people you are arrogantly advising in the hell hole call Nigeria . Take away

Lagos State which is built by the commonwealth of 250 tribes as a former Nigerian Capital, but still Nigeria commercial capital. what has Yoruba people done for themselves for any reasonable people or person to emulate them when Nigeria ever lasting corrupt and retrogressive system is in play, and within the Nigerian factors of tribalism, wickedness, unpatriotic, nepotism, corruption, failures and decline.

What new focus does APC, You and President Buhari have for the black race, that's the question facing you guys. In all real Democracies whether a group or persons supports a candidates it does not mean punishment for those who did not support that candidate like your President Buhari has been proposing last week in this modern time and age. That a group of people did not vote for a candidate or voted for a President does not mean their infrastructure and their economic mainstay should be left to decay or destroyed, because every region and state economy is what makes a country function and great when it is taken good care of . It is not only Igbos that uses River Niger bridge first or second. It is not only Igbos that uses infrastructure in Igboland. Any injustice against any part of Nigeria unjustly will not stand and the repercussion will show in other parts of Nigeria through economic, social and political nemesis, and consequences of victimizing a people for their voting pattern and belief. That will be a disaster for Nigeria because already past irresponsible deeds,nepotism and corruption has reproduced disaster for Nigeria for many year now.

Great lessons of Democracy, for example in the United States, the people of Texas, a state with close to 30 million people did not vote for President Obama and they did not vote for Democrates in their two terms in office, infact President Obama got less than 20 % votes from State of Texas. Under President Obama, Texas has received one of the highest research and development grants from President Obama Federal Government. under Obama, Texas received the highest military allocation, highest military Budget and highest military installations than any other state in America, because the location of Texas with its massive natural and human resources made Texas the ideal place for these allocation and the Obama administration listen to experts and invested the highest budget in Texas and he still did not win Texans over. That's leadership

Also, when the state of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi where confronted with the worst environmental pollution and degradation in USA history. Remember Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi did not vote for President Obama, but President Obama and USA federal Government spent the highest amount of money, time, expertise to clean and restore these three state water ways, Rivers and Ocean to their glory. That's leadership.

Also, When Republicans and President Bush was in power, the State of California and the State of New York combine with almost 50 million population did not vote for Republicans and for President Bush, but California and New York lead almost all States in Federal Government investments. California and New York received the highest research grants, subsidies and loans directed to all of the major Universities and schools of higher learning to maintain and develop new technologies for the growth of Silicon Valley Technology hub and corridor in California. In New York , the Federal government supports all New York Universities with some of the highest grants and loans on research and development focusing on new products technologies to improve Wall Street, investment, Stock and Banking growth in New York State supported and encouraged by the Federal Government.

As we Speak, In the last 7 years the States of North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma and all Southern states and Midwestern states that did not vote for President Obama and Democrats in the two Presidential elections, but President Obama and the Federal Government invested so much money, easy licensing, Easy Loans, investment money and facilities that made it possible for theses 7 state to invent and lead in developing the Fracking technology that has made America the largest oil producer in the world today and these State are booming economically today. They did not vote for President Obama but President Obama and the Federal Government Saw the need to do the right things. That's what you call nation building , note where hate and discrimination has consumed all African and Nigerian leadership for ages because a tribe or people did not vote for Buhari.

APC by their utterances is Planning to Victimize a group of people like Igbos just because they did not vote for President Buhari, and this will be the beginning of self destruction for APC and President Buhari. President Buhari will not be in power for more than 8 years, but Igbo nation will out live him and his agenda good or bad and history will judge him as a bad person if he victimize Igbos just because they did not vote for him. Nigerian unity and Cohesion will be pushed further into fragile situation under him and after him. Garbage in Garbage out.

APC and President Buhari should worry less about Igbos, because Igbos have risen above dependency mindset like many others in APC control State up North and South West. APC and President Buhari should first of all worry about the 5 million to 10 million refugees and internal displaced families in Northern Nigeria and the destruction Boko Haram is creating and causing the total economic collapse and destruction of 6 Northern Eastern States and Northern Nigeria as a whole. Also, President Buhari Should worry about the impending foreign refugees coming in from Chad, Niger Republic and Cameroon because of the war with Boko Haram. On a rough estimate President Buhari has to deal with, feed and nurture about 20 million refugees within Nigeria and those coming from Chad, Niger and Cameroon etc.

In addition to that Northern Nigeria has 10 million Alamajiri Children that needs help to be nurtured, feed and educated according to report below. So President Buhari has all together about 70 Million Northerners to feed, nurtured and educated. His hand is already full and remember oil prizes is falling from 120 dollars a barrel to about 40 dollars a barrel now and it will keep falling as things looks.

President Buhari has his hands full with Northern problems to even understand any Igbo problem and Igbos know that. Igbos are only demanding what is constitutionally and justified to them by law no more and no less. We hope President Buhari will not violate the Oat he took and violate the lawful constitution of Nigeria, because that will further damage Nigeria cohesion and increase tribal hatred, nepotism and corruption. You cannot fight corruption by hating people who did not vote for you.

In conclusion, Please leave Igbos alone because Nigeria already is dragging everybody down . Igbos have learnt how to be independent without Government,Igbos know how to go to real schools, Igbos know how to get skills and trade, Igbos know how to sustain their lives without Government, Igbos are modern innovators, Igbos are leading in education in all levels, Igbos have created and developing 3 towns of Nnewi, Onitsha and Aba as their industrial cities, All Igbo towns from Owerri, Umuhaia, Abakiliki , Enugu, Awka and Portharcourt have vibrant commercial and industrial layouts that are emerging into modern outfits with innovation both local and global. Igbos girls and women go to school, Igbo boys go to school, Child mortality rate is lowest in Igbland, Igbo has the highest literacy rate 80% of man and woman in Igboland can read and write. Igbo have one of the highest per capital income in Nigeria, and the future looks great for Igbos globally despite Nigeria tribalism, nepotism and corruption and not withstanding President Buhari, you and APC evil agenda.

Ugo Ukandu

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