Re- check-mating USA Interference in Nigeria’s Politics


Dear Sodumegwu Your write-up, “A season of Foreign Interventionists …” is very interesting and a food for thought for all patriotic and well-meaning Nigerians. Your write-up gives me joy to

know that there are patriotic Nigerians abroad who make use of their intelligence for the good of our dear country, Nigeria. Before I came across your article, I have already read the news of the irritating and insulting visit of the American State Department official, Johnnie Carson, to General IB Babangida's Mansion in Niger State. Since that news broke up, I have concluded that the US does not mean well for Nigeria if, of all the sons and daughters of Nigeria, they think that a discredited man like Babangida is the best candidate to be foisted on Nigeria come 2011 presidential election.

I have kept telling myself that if US agents mean well for Nigeria, they would be romancing with young, emerging, tested and accountable political leaders such as Mr Peter Obi of Anambra State, Fashola of Lagos State, etc, instead of trying to recycle old, tired and politically dubious retired military men like Babangida who have held this country politically, economically, morally and socially down for many years. Your write-up is an important wake-up call to all patriotic citizens of Nigerians to rise against the US unholy and imperialistic meddling in the internal affairs of Nigeria. We as a sovereign nation should have our choice and right to decide who to deal with, China and others, and to elect political leaders of our choice.

Look, if you can, and have the financial resources, I suggest strongly that you should publish your write-up together with this REPORT/RESEARCH in a small pamphlet and distribute it to all parts of Nigeria, especially to our universities for as many people as possible to read it in order to create necessary awareness before 2011 general elections in Nigeria. It will work wonders! And you would have made an enormous contribution in this important war against meddlesomeness and destabilising foreign interventions in Nigeria. This is important because lack of knowledge and limited information make things to go bad in the polity. Nigerians need to be conscientised to reject any attempt to impose anybody especially discredited old military men on us in the next election in 2011.

Anambra people were able to do this in their State election in February 6 because of an early awareness created among Anambrarians against the menacing influence of political godfathers in the State. For example, Prof. Soludo as a person is a good man so to speak and had all it takes to win the governorship election in the State last February. But immediately he started to hob-nob with discredited politicians, like Chief Engr. Arthur Eze and others like him, who represented the corrupt and retrogressive forces that had held down the development of the state since its creation until recently, I predicted his defeat and, accordingly, Soludo lost the election to Mr. Peter Obi who has been perceived by the people to be largely free from undue external manipulations by any political cabal in the State. If Anambra people can rise against external interventions in the affairs of their State, why not citizens of Nigeria against foreign meddlesomeness in the forthcoming general election in Nigeria in 2011? I have read that it was Obasanjo who stopped IBB in the last presidential election in 2007.

But now, we read that IBB has gone to consult Obasanjo, understandably to seek his endorsement based on the plan of the US agents to draft him into the presidential race in 2011. I must say that Nigerians will not be better than castrated he-goats if we allow US Agents to foist on the country corrupt and discredited Nigerians like IBB, Danjuma, Atiku and others come 2011 presidential elections. We as Nigerians must say “enough is enough” to all these retired military cargoes that have ruled us for most of the life-span of this country and their foreign-backers.! In the same line of thought, while we welcome the activities of civil society organizations that aim at making governments to sit up and be alive in their duties, we condemn any civil society and civil rights activist who would allow itself to be used by foreign agents to destabilise our country. People should value their personal dignity and Nigeria's national sovereignty more than the money that these foreign agents spray on them.


Nkamuo Jioke

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