Stella Monye Explains Why She Worked For Delta Governor-elect

Source: Titilope Adeuja/

Popular entertainer, Stella Monye, was actively involved in the emergence of Ifeanyi Akowa as the next governor of Delta State.

But she has defended why she got herself involved in politics, stating that she believed it was time to work for the people of the state since the governorship seat was zoned to her constituency for the first time in history.

She told Thisday that, "For the first time, governorship was zoned to my constituency. It was all hands on deck for me. To God be the glory, he won. I brought some music icons for the march to all the 25 local government areas to campaign for him.

"I took Ras Kimono, Orits Wiliki and Righteousman. Kimono was almost mobbed at every location that we arrived. It was a huge experience and it contributed a lot to the success story. We did not have security. Righteousman is huge and when people see him coming behind us, they would give way."

She further stated that the same musicians and people will hold every politicians accountable if they fail to deliver on the promises made during their campaigns.