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Suka Andrew a.k.a Suka Sounds is one name that would ring a bell to any music enthusiast of Nigerian music in recent times as his imprint is on the most popular songs released by many A-list Nigerian artistes like Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, Olamide, Davido, to mention a few. ROTIMI IGE caught up with him recently and presents excerpts of their interaction.


I was born and raised in Plateau State. I attended Amazing Grace private primary school and Science Day private secondary school. After that, I went to Lani Stephens music institute for a brief music course where I also discovered my love and passion for music. From then onwards, I started my internship with Studio One (a music production studio) in Jos for two years and did some online courses with SAE. After that, I was employed into one of the big studios in Jos as an in-house producer/studio manager, where I worked for years before I moved to Lagos to work with Banky W's Empire Mates Entertainment (EME) label.

Early years

Growing up was fun. Life was pretty easy and simple. The community in Jos is like one big family where everyone knew one another and was generally supportive. The environment in Jos supported creativity. It was peaceful and the weather was awesome. I grew up with friends of like minds who were also into making music so it was actually a smooth ride propelling my career.

Memories of early life

It is difficult to point out a particular event that is most memorable to me especially because all the memories I had while growing up were special but if I have to pick one, it will be the first time I was allowed to run and manage a studio. It was intimidating but exciting at the same time. I felt like I was finally becoming a man.

How I discovered my production abilities

Just like I said earlier on, Jos has this creative energy around it and the environment is enabling. I grew up around people who were into making music and I fell in love with it. I started by first learning how to play the guitar, because I used to sing in church. Then I started hanging out in studios. Gradually, I started learning how to produce in my internship studio (Studio One) and on an old Desktop computer my father had.

Why I became a music producer

To be honest, the grooming process was subconscious. I basically had passion for production and engineering and therefore, I was constantly and diligently doing my job. In the process to improve my skills, I read more on production and engineering, learnt more from people who were in it before me, and also the internet helped. And you know what they say, practice makes perfect.

Major influences

What first influenced me was my environment. I had music all around me. My family and friends were into making music. Secondly, I was passionate about quality sound in general...

Yes, I have worked with many celebrities

I've worked with Banky W, Wizkid, D banj, Davido, Tiwa, Niyola, Shaydee, Skales, L.A.X, Patoranking, Timaya, Olamide. So many more, I can't list all.

Banky W was instrumental in getting my brand known

Nothing good comes easy. But thanks to Banky W, E.M.E. and other people who have been very supportive of my brand. They believed in me and gave it a push, plus I concentrate on the quality of my work. I'm most grateful to God and people who supported.

Nigerian music industry will get better

The Nigerian music industry is still growing. It wasn't like this ten years ago, it surely will be better ten years from now. It can only get better.

Instrumentation plays major role on music production

It all depends on what you are listening to. I believe if you want to listen to a lyrical artiste, we have a lot of artistes who have great content. It will be judgmental to completely criticize all artistes when I know quite well that we have lots of artistes with content out there. Notwithstanding, instrumentals play a major role in good music production because you can have the content but terrible material if the instrumental production is not on point. So, they all go hand in hand.

I'm very interested in grooming upcoming talents

As a producer, I try to lend my advice to artistes whenever I can because I believe more heads are better than one. So, when we work, we rub minds together. At the same time, my integrity is at stake so I try as much as possible to see that the end product is of good quality.

Equipment differentiates quality of work

No matter what profession one is in, the type and quality of equipment you use greatly influences the final output. But then, the hands and mind behind the equipments is above all; You need to know what you are doing to be able to handle any equipment at all.

I have big projects ahead…

At the moment I'm only concentrating on my sound engineering but i have plans for big projects ahead which I will unveil in due time. One step a time because easy does it.

How I handle competition from colleagues such as Sheyman, Cobahms etc

Those are my senior colleagues and I have much respect for them. We all get the job done and that is most important.

I am quite affordable

Every client is big and important to me. I am very affordable . Just call my manager. He will negotiate with you on the price for you job. We are very affordable.

Next five years…

I'll leave that to God. All I can do is keep improving on my art and expanding my brand.

I may sing professionally someday

As a matter of fact I do sing. I used to sing when I was younger, before choosing this career path.

Normal Daily Routine

I wake up, pray and tidy up. By 10 a.m, I am in the studio working till about 2-3 a.m . It's a routine and I love it.

What many don't know about me

Many people don't know I'm an excellent cook plus an aspiring boxer. I also joke a lot.

Recipe for success

Deligence, hardwork and consistency works. Stay passionate and hungry for greatness.