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I Was Drunk A Night Before My Tinsel Audition—Gideon Okeke

Source: Titilope Adeuja/
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How would you prepare yourself for an auditioning opportunity coming up on the morrow? It would not be out of place to have crisp attire and all documents handy but popular Nollywood golden boy, Gideon Okeke surprised even himself for his acting audition.

Before auditioning for Tinsel, Gideon was squatting with a friend, Chinedu, in the area of Surulere, Lagos. He was aiming to be a better person after graduating from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

Chatting with Daily Times, he revealed that he had gone clubbing on the night before the audition for the soap and was drunk through till the morning.

"One night, I went to the club with my friends; the day before, we'd all gotten the text message for an audition. I got back home, I was squatting with my friend, Chinedu in Surulere, at that time.

"And next morning I was like 'O boy I wan go that audition o.' We were all drunk from the club, and he was like 'Dey go jo, I no dey go' and I went and came back and I was like 'I don get am o' and he was shocked."

The actor still expresses shock at the luck that made him successful after a night of bottle hugging and wild dancing.

"He also talks about the story, he says it all the time like you know when something is cut out for you, the stars align. If I had not gone who knows what would have happened?"