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Agonising stories of the rescued women from Sambisa Forest

By Tom Garba, Yola
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The 275 women rescued from the evil forest of Sambisa that were siege captives by Boko Haram, is a story one of its kind as any one of them you ask question must have a heart touching story of the other.

Before I go ahead to this heartfelt story,i must have to render, tender and dogged my cap in a special salutation to Nigerian women most especially the Chibok girls and those recently rescued by Nigerian army. With a torturing experiencing and injuries of various degrees sustained by most of these women each one of them is seen struggling to drag three to four biological children that Boko Haram abducted along side with.

Information gathered from the rescued women indicated that they trek the hard way for three days before they were rescued and finally arrived Yola.

Reports similarly indicated that the journey was delayed due to mopping up operations been conducted by the military advance rescue team, so as to evade any land mine that might have been planted by the insurgents.

Their disheveled and gaunt looks has elicited sympathy from onlookers as many of them looked hunger stricken as the children kept wailing as a result of illness and malnutrition.

Many of the women and children have to be assisted as they could not walk on their own as some of them could not alight from the vehicles that brought them from Sambisa following exhaustion and hunger

Read down the lines of this article you will be convinced that they have witnessed a life in Sambisa forest that many will say "Man inhumanity to Man" which has no any eternal or earthly rewards. The struggle by this islamic extremist does not have any course that can stand to convince others, No purposeful mission and vision to tell Nigerians is worth following or seeing but only full of devilish wickedness.

One of the returnee woman, Asabe Aliyu a 23 years old mother of Four children from Delsak a village near Chibok who is seen terribly voting blood from an internally sustained injuries said beating is the order of the day with all form of vulgar words, they force her into marrying somebody after series of sexual molestation they unleashed on her by different men on daily basis.Dead becomes a yardstick of judgement at any slitest mistake.

" I was abducted 6 months ago in Delsak when our village is been over ran by Boko Haram. First I had sojourned from my village to a forest close to Cameroun, they turned me into a sleeping machine sex partner, and they have impregnated me.With my condition as a pregnant women I do cook their food at any time of their need" . She lamented

Another story is that of Lami Musa who is holding a three days old newly born baby girl, looking tied and haggard, with serious swollen legs that a support has to be given to her before she can work.

While responding amidst tense tears,she said;
"They have adducted the whole of my family and killed my husband at kilkasa forest when i was four months pregnant, they took us to Sambisa forest,sleep in an open field at times we go without water and food.

"Three days ago i gave birth to this baby girl as I am talking to you I cannot ascertain the status of her health as me and her we've not taken our birth since I gave birth".

Another woman from Minchika Maryamu Adamu said she saw hell call Sambisa, her two children and husband she cannot say either they alive or dead because she did not set her eyes on them since the past 9 months that she captured to sambisa forest.

Mrs Adamu's temperament is more of given thanks to God, to her she was lost now can is found.

" I know I was dead, my existing is just a mare shadow of living as nothing moves me but now that I am here I confirmed that I am a living being.

"My Brother I thank God I am saved, I thank God Oh!! ".She creamed

An idp staying in Malkoi camp in Yola where these women were brought to ,Mallam Ishaya Amos, to him is a reunion of family as four of his cousins with their children whom they thought are dead he recognised them among the 275 rescued women and was full of Joy and shedding tears of happiness.