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Agn Edith Irabor Dumps Ibinabo For Emeka Ike

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Former treasurer of AGN Lagos Chapter and Senior Special Adviser to embattled former president of Actors Guild of Nigeria Edith Irabor Williams has parted ways with her long time friend Ibinabo Fiberesima.

Edith Irabor who is a very close ally and associate of Ibinabo disclosed this at a popular restaurant inside the National Stadium Surulere. According to her “Emeka Ike is the new president of AGN. I am now fully with Engr. Emeka Ike because thet is the court Judgement; and we must all obey the court, no one is above the law like Ibinabo is trying to do. The presence of God has departed from Ibinabo and all she needs to do now is to tow the part of honour and just leave because those pushing her to hang on are only doing it to further tarnish her already battered image. If you look at the court Judgement then you will agree with me that even if she goes to Supreme Court they will throw her appeal away”. Edith said

Our source at the popular stadium hangout also said that Edith Irabor was not happy with the way Ibinabo piloted the affairs of the guild without clear focus and direction. “I was in her kitchen cabinet so I can tell you that almost everything was smokescreen. For instance, the AGN Ibinabo inherited from Segun Arinze was a united AGN but she has divided and factionalized almost all the state chapters. And again let’s look at the so called health scheme for members; the idea was to have a health scheme in place and approach government to foot the bills so that our veterans can have it for FREE but Ibinabo prefers to go to government to beg for money so she can always get her 6O percent commission. Look at the AGN ID cards, do you know that Ibinabo has a deal with one of the banks so that for every ID card issued by the national, she is entitled to three thousand (3,000) per ID card and you can imagine how much she has collected in the last three years she has been there. Another thing that Ibinabo was doing which all the Guilds and Association heads in Nollywood must come together and investigate was that Ibinabo has a letterhead as the PRESIDENT OF NOLLYWOOD and that was what she was using to collect money from government house to government house on behalf of all the Guilds and Association in the industry even during the election she used it to collect millions of naira on behalf of Association of Movie producers, Directors Guild of Nigeria, Nigeria Society of Cinematographers, Association of Core Movie producers, Actors Guild of Nigeria and others. As a politician and a spiritualist I am telling you that the presence and mercy of God has departed from Ibinabo, I hope she knows what this means. Mark my word if she does not obey the court Judgement and leave AGN in peace, a lot of things will be exposed and she could go back to Jail. Do you know that this same Ibinabo also lied that Governor Fashola gave her state pardon in her case against the Lagos State Government when she murdered Dr Suraj Giwa, the US trained doctor. She will have to produce the papers and all this people pushing her now will all abandoned her when she is sent back to jail” Edith Irabor said amidst bottles of drinks