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Why I worked for the victory of APC: Former PDP governor

By The Rainbow
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More facts are emerging why The Peoples Democratic Party fared so poorly in the recent general elections.

Former governor under the canopy of the party, Amb. Fidelis Tapgun, blamed it all on the prevalent injustice in the party.

Tapgun said he worked for the victory of the All progressives Congress in the elections and has no qualms about it.

Tapgun, said in Jos on Tuesday, that  his decision to work for the opposition party in the recent elections was as a result of the injustice meted to party members and the impunity of state governors, who imposed their surrogates as candidates for elections at various levels.

According to fformer governor,  the PDP worked against itself in the election, adding that the victory of APC at the federal and in the state was not a surprise because the PDP members saw it coming. Plateau State is one of the many tradional PDP states that fell to APC in the last general elections.

Tapgun said that  President Goodluck Jonathan about the impending fall of the party, because of spate impositions and overbearing tendencies of the governors in the party, but he would not listen.

“I contributed to the success of APC in the state because my party failed. My party failed to zone the governorship to the South and that's the greatest error made by the party. APC fortunately zoned the governorship to the South, and quite naturally, it won,” he said.

The former governor said that his action did not mean he was ditching the party but was an open protest to the blatant disregard to internal democracy in the party.

According to him, “Contributing to APC victory was not because we were gratified, it was not hidden at all; it was not anything we did behind the scene. We openly said we were going to work against the PDP in Plateau State and we did to the end.

“We are PDP; we are not going out and we did it to the end. So the success of APC is on the platform of PDP and it was not anything we are ashamed of. It is good to show people that whenever you don't perform, you will be kicked out.”

He condemned the spate of defection from the PDP to APC, saying he was  optimistic  that PDP would bounce back and provide a formidable opposition to the APC.

“We are determined that the party will not die. We are reformed PDP and Jang's party or Raymond Dabo (PDP chairman in Plateau) party. There are no two factions, there is only one and we are going to reform it,” he said.

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