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Joe Martins: A Reply to A Ranting Elder

By Joe Jideofor
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Who is this Joe martin Uzodike from Awka-Etiti who has never in his entire political life won any election!!!

Ordinarily some of us with ever busy weekends should not have bothered to respond to the display of absolute stupidity by always the same very loud mouth, Chief Joe Martin Uzodike.

Chief Joe martin Uzodike from Awka-Etiti who has never in his entire political life won any election, not even a ward election in his native Awka-Etiti except always grandstanding was made a commissioner simply because he was a secondary school mate of former governor Peter Obi can now open his elastic mouth to insult the person of the most popular Governor since the creation of Anambra state.

You claimed to be a lawyer but this your secondary school kind of write ups is a clear evidence that you are just a charlatan parading himself as a lawyer, Lawyers are known to be prudent, circumspection, and factual in their presentations.

Since president Jonathan lost the presidential elections in March and honorably conceded defeat to the eventual winner Gen. Buhari, all hopes of getting any compensation as a member of the presidential campaign team or using the presidency to always threaten Gov. Obiano have gone up in smokes, so one can easily understand the source of your perennial anguish and frustrations but please leave our action Governor out of your self-inflicted pains.

Chief Martin Uzodike, are you not exposing yourself here as an idiot by telling the entire world that the former Governor of Anambra state and the then leader of APGA Chief Peter Obi and his wife went down on their knees to beg Hon Uche Ekwunife to allow Governor Obiano to emerge? This is the biggest political insult the former Governor has received throughout his political career, and where on earth is Valentine Obienyem to have allowed this man to portray his boss and his wife as political nonentities?

How come the same Hon. Uche Ekwunife who Chief Peter Obi and his wife according to you went down on their knees to beg to allow Gov. Obiano to emerge still went ahead to ahead to challenge the emergence of Gov. Obiano?

Come on Chief Martin Uzodike (Akanemeze), you can do better than this.

You are definitely exposing your high level of ignorance here when you wrote that Gov, Obiano only requested after his retirement that he be made a board member of Orient petroleum but foolishly forgot that Aguleri community where Gov. Obiano hails from as the host community is one of the largest shareholders in Orient petroleum and could have easily nominated him to the board if he had so wished considering many years of his philanthropy to the community.

To suggest that the former Gov. peter Obi paid for the trip back to Nigeria for someone who retired from Fidelity bank as one of the largest shareholders, the same man who singlehandedly and successfully superintended its re-capitalization exercise in 2005 and subsequently placed the bank as one of the strongest Igbo bank in Nigeria is not only ludicrous but equally exposes you as a total disgrace to the noble legal profession in Nigeria.

We are surely aware that all the nonsense and insults your deranged home boy Odera constantly dish out everyday on the person of the executive Governor of Anambra state Chief Dr Willie Obiano, Akpokuedike Ndigbo actually emanates from you but you are ignored because you are entitled to cry after thorough beating.

We keep hearing of savings of billions of Naira but no one is talking about the bizarre spending frenzy that characterized the last three months of the same administration that claimed to have saved the imaginary billions, or the rationale behind the hastily conduct of the local government elections just three months to the end of the administration after almost 8 years of using local government allocations ostensibly just to frustrate the incoming government by denying it the privilege of using the same funds.

APGA as a political party is the brain child of the then Chief Chekwas Okorie led Igbo-ezue cultural group , it metamorphosed into a political party in 2001 as a result of strong protests by Ndigbo for not having their own political party like Yoruba's AD and the then APP for the north respectively.

In 2002 it co-opted the late Icon Chief Dim Emeka Ojukwu as its presidential candidate for the 2003 presidential elections, it was Ojukwu's membership of the party that actually popularized the party in Igboland and also its then governorship candidate in Anambra state Chief Peter Obi who was only known in his Agulu community.

It was the same Ojukwu who singlehandedly won the second term for Chief Peter Obi by emotionally appealing to Ndi-Anambra to vote for Chief Peter Obi as a parting gift to him, you can judge for yourself who is the real ingrate here between Chief Peter Obi and Gov. Obiano.

Chief Uzodike when you lied that Chief Peter Obi never appointed any of his relatives from Agulu, are you saying that Chief Nwobu Alor and 47 others from Agulu renounced their Agulu nativity before accepting to serve the Government of Chief Peter Obi?

Those who live in a glass house are always advised not to dare throw stones.

Chief Martin Uzodike, your fall from political grace to grass is as a result of arrogantly biting more than you could chew, just one month after the November Governorship election in Anambra state that saw the current Governor emerged, your partner in conspiracy Hon. Uche Ekwunife bought a very big Chieftaincy title of Akanemeze (kingmaker) in her Nri community for you and thereafter you became not only obstinate but also uncontrollable foolishly forgetting that you were just a mere commissioner of information appointed not on the basis of merit but simply because of CKC old boys confraternity.

I remember putting a call across to Nigeria advising that you should be closely monitored.

Since all your evil plots and conspiracies against the Government Chief Willie Obiano has collapsed like a pack of cards, why not shamefully disappear from Anambra state political space for now to lick your terribly bruised wounds.

Finally as an Igboman who understands the popular adage in Igboland that cautions against beating a child and at same time denying him or her the right to cry, I will stop here so as not to deny you that right.

Joe Jideofor

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