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I Have Lost Endorsements Deals Because I Don’t Drink...Omo Baba

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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How do many entertainers especially in Nigeria perform for several hours without taking any form of stimulant especially in a dispensation where alcohol poured into a red disposable cup is now the hall mark of most musical videos?

When an entertainer is being asked on how they cope for several hours or how they prepare for shows, they say they don't take anything except water and they don't smoke. Well, whatever they feel is good for them is still part of their life irrespective of its consequence.

For popular comedian, Omo Baba, it is rather a sad choice to make by not consuming alcohol which has made him lost so many endorsement deals.

“It affects me in many ways. I have lost so many jobs, I have lost so many brand endorsements for the fact that I come out publicly to say I don't drink or smoke but yet, here I am, I am alive and I am well” he told Icampus.