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The congregation was becoming worried. They had been singing the processional hymn for the fourth time and the groom was yet to arrive in the church. When the officiating ministers asked the bride, Kemi and her family members what was amiss, they were told that probably Funsho, the groom, was held up in traffic. But a call to his cell phone proved otherwise. His cell phone was switched off! Not quite ten minutes later, Fusho sent a text that Kemi should not expect him for the wedding as he had changed his mind! The text reads in full: 'Oluwakemi, I'm sorry, I know I have hurt you, I have disappointed your parents, I have betrayed your trust in me. But I know you would just a find place in your heart to forgive me, I cannot go on with the marriage, I'm sorry, you cannot just understand. I decided to keep it to myself because I believe I can handle the whole situation all by myself. Once again, I'm sorry, please bear with me.'

It was when Kemi fainted in front of the altar that it dawned on the crowd and her family that Funsho had dumped her, right on her wedding day! A day that was supposed to be her day of joy.

We went to town to sample people's opinion on how they would feel if their lovers dump them on their wedding day? Their response:

If a woman dumps me, I will not say any thing, there is no reason for any argument. Even if I do not say any thing positive or negative, God will surely punish such a lady.

Why would a lady I have put my entire trust disappoint me on my wedding day if she does not mean to kill me and marry someone else? Such a lady is a murderer because she has no sympathy and she is not God fearing.

Such women are still on this planet, they are only concerned about material things they would get. Such ladies do not have true love in them.

If I experience such an ugly incident, I will take her and her family as murderers and irresponsible in the society.

Being a sudden, unexpected and sad incident, I may faint instantly. I know myself well. Another thing that could happen is the psychological effect it could have on me. If such a thing ever happens to me, I might decide never to go into any relationship again, and I will never have anything to do with such a family anymore.

More so, I would not trust any man ever in my life, because I have learnt my lesson. Once beaten, twice shy.

Nothing will happen, because I believe in God. I will not kill myself. Rather, I will wait for another chance; perhaps he is not the man God has ordained for me.

So, life will surely continue.
If any man ever tries that with me, he will never try such again in his lifetime.

I mean he would live to regret it. What someone would do and go scot-free might be a different story when he tries it with someone else. I think such would serve as deterrent to other guys who feel they are smart and could cheat a poor, innocent girl and go scot-free.

I have always believed in the adage that says, 'What must be, must be.' If she has the guts to do this on that fateful day, I will take it that she is not meant for me. Perhaps God wants me to suffer the pains for some time and enjoy a blissful marriage with the right lady for the rest of my life.

Though I will feel the pains of disappointment, but life must go on.

I will feel like dying, I will go on my knees and beg for forgiveness for whatever could have warranted her dumping me.

I will make arrangements to meet with her and her family to know why such a thing happened. I will want to know, if truly I deserved the huge embarrassment their daughter caused me.

Anyway, I will laugh over it and accept that God did not want her to be my wife. Life goes on. I will also accept it as part of life's experiences. I will go in search of a better and more beautiful lady and move closer to God.

Such would definitely be unfortunate but I will not give in to suicide . It may even be God's own way of saving you from a probable disaster in future. You simply do not deserve such a woman. life goes on.

Though that very day my people and I will be embarrassed, but nothing can be done. I will accept my fate and continue a new life, inasmuch I am still a complete man. But e go hard small o

It will be very sad, painful, disgraceful and very embarrassing to me and every member of my family. The lady will definitely be punished by man and the God I serve.

It will turn out to be a disturbing issue in my life and I will leave everything to God to judge.

If my lover dumps me on my wedding day? Well, I will not do any thing. I will just take heart and pray for God's blessings. Perhaps he is not God's purposed husband for me. Someone who claims to love me and comes around to dump me on my wedding day is a dangerous person. Such a person can kill.

God forbid! If such should happen, I have no option than to let her go and I will carry on with life. Actually, it could be painful and disappointing, but I will take it in good fate that she is not the will of God for me.

There is absolutely nothing I can do on that day. The only thing I would do is carry my cross and look for someone else to marry.

I will feel bad and pray that God keeps me alive, because it is not easy to build another relationship afresh.