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The Christian Money Theory - 1

By Ez Ou
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Dear reader,

There are no doubts that any discussion on money and Church throws up a coin, which we respond depending on the side of the coin we appreciate more. Because this is true, the following questions are introduced for you to digest.

1. Is it justifiable if we refuse to point out, or forbid others from pointing out, the errors of our neighbours we ought to love? 2. Should dishonesty especially in a constitutionalised society or organisation (e.g. the church) be tolerated and celebrated or discussed and expunged?

The bible as we have it was not written by illiterates; it was written by people with dedicated and advanced learning, and presented to humanity with the expectation we will understand its contents. Education (adult and advanced) has the responsibility to examine, declassify, debug, reclassify and re-present theories, ideas, information, materials, etc to forms that are unequivocally sensible and acceptable without doubts. Education should not jump at thesis without making sure that no unnoticed defects are left behind by acts of omission or commission.

Not only does the bible contains many mention of 'money' and 'giving', many pulpits have also latched onto the many mentions to introduce money and giving in different forms that often brings to mind what a talented North American boxer told the Press shortly after dethroning his opponent in an epic boxing battle. He summed it to what he called 'left hook' he learnt from Miami legends.

Considering how 'money' and 'giving' are thrown around pulpits by church bosses, you would think the end to our poverty will be now than later; instead, the more the twin words are shuffled around, the more the wealth we are worried about distances itself. Different poverty killers are introduced week in week out, yet there is no killer punch in sight. From tithing to first money fruits to dangerous seeds and love seeds and so on, yet poverty remains welded to the church.

In Malachi, Adonai called Israel (especially their pastors) robbers and summarily placed a curse on them for not providing tithes and offerings; Adonai then enjoined the priests and Israel to bring all tithes to then store house for them to receive an invaluable blessings-Malachi 3:8-12. In blessing them, the curse on them will be removed.

Malachi 3, gives an unambiguous sense that until all the tithes are brought into then store house, brethren will remain cursed and will never be blessed. Conclusion: the church will remain cursed and never be blessed through tithing! Reason: it is impracticable for all brethren to give all their tithes as required in Malachi.

Suppose all brethren give all their tithes according to Malachi, the church will still be under a curse and not be blessed. Reason: the chief culprits - the church bosses will not bring out all the tithes without scratches. They will give countless reasons why (their) tithes should not be brought out and distributed according to individuals needs.

Tithes have made many rich. It has financially benefited church bosses and their cronies; many operators have acquired fast real estates and other depreciating assets; tithing has also dispossessed the brethren of fast sums of income in favour of a few, though the dispossessed will relentlessly allege that what they have achieved was the result of making wealthy some church bosses. But 'if' as research shows, cannot withstand facts in any dispute.

Tithing principle was not designed to benefit some and pauperise some; it was Adonai's holistic response designed to benefit ALL. When we ascribe tithing to Christianity and without Malachi 3:8 being observed fully and accordingly, the church will continue to live accursed with the described blessing far removed from members.

No sincere and serious scholar or believer of the scriptures will gloat over Malachi 3:8 for tithing cannot exist in isolation from other offerings. These offerings comprise:

Burnt Offering (bull, ram or bird, dove) Leviticus 1; 6:8-13; 8:18-21; 16:24; Malachi 3:8; Grain Offering (grain, fine flour, olive oil, incense, etc.) Leviticus 2; 6:14-23; Malachi 3:8; Peace Offering (Animal without defect from herd or flock, types of breads) Leviticus 3; 7:11-34; Malachi 3:8; Sin Offering (young bull; he goat; dove, etc.) Leviticus 4; 5:1-13; 6:24-30; 8:14-17; 16:3-22; Malachi 3:8; Trespass Offering (ram) Leviticus 5:14-19; 6:1-7; 7:1-6; Malachi 3:8; Firstfruits Offering Leviticus 23:10, 17; Exodus 34:22; Malachi 3:8.

What has been shown here is that the victorious 'left hook' to Christian health and wealth does not come from tithing as often purported by many pulpit preachers. The only beneficiaries from tithing are church bosses. This is so because Malachi 3:8-10 cannot be practiced. If tithing does not offer health and wealth where then do we look up to?

May all praises and glory be to Yahweh Adonai!

Eze Uduma