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I Was Suspended in Church Over My Sex Movie…Actor, Collins Onwochei

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Nollywood actor and producer, Collins Onwochei ,has finally reacted to the reasons why he shot the movie 'Room 027' which threw the social media into frenzy in late 2013.

Onwochei who regretted doing such a movie disclosed that he wanted to do a movie to tell the story the whole world could connect with.

He stated that there was an understanding that nudity was not part of Nigeria's culture, but it is a cheap publicity to sell a movie by acting some explicit scenes.

“I felt I could tell a good story, I didn't do an unclad movie, I wanted to tell a story with a touch of reality, but it backfired and I won't do it again. I understand the Nigerian market and besides a lot of people are looking up to me. As a filmmaker and as a creative person, we work within the means of our creativity, but it backfired. It isn't something I want to do again,” he told Vanguard newspaper.

Speaking about his church reaction, the actor noted that he was suspended from the department he was in church but still remain active in his attendance.

“won't say it affected it, but my wife did not like it because we are Christians and she felt I didn't have to do that kind of story. I was even suspended in the department I work in church. I am active in church, that's not to say I'm a holy man. I genuinely love God even though I have my weaknesses and might sometimes get carried away by the flow in the industry. I belong to the protocol team in church. So if I have a budget for Room 027, I won't do that kind of story again. But again, life is a learning process. As a filmmaker, I look back and say, 'Room 027 was a mistake, because it didn't represent my faith which is key. It's not all about money and fame, but guess what? The devil is crazy! Do you know that in my almost 20 years of being in this industry, I've not gotten the kind of attention that Room 027 gave me? But I won't repeat it again,” he stated.