By NBF News

if u think their is a god and he always will help you ..then get this in ur maind their  are 10000 * some lakh people asking gods help and he can help only those who are really helples but people like us are not helpless they  dont like to go to the various degress of painfull life they just want it easy …. for them saying may be (take it when its easy hardwork may kill you)

learned many things from my friends and the biggest of them is what goes around  comes around ….and onemore thing be a very good listners half of your problem would be solved if u hear other people problems with all your heart

so this is for now i dont no when i am goign to pour my heart out .and i even do not know how many poeople would read this,but if this help someone thne may half work is done

anuj chhabra