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Apc Vice Presidential Candidate, Prof Osibanjo Visits Upu New Pg, Wonder Why President Jonathan Attended Oic Meeting.

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SINCE Gen. Ibrahim Babangida's enlistment Nigeria into the Organisation of Islamic Countries (IOC) through military fiat in 1986, President Goodluck Jonathan stands as the first and only Nigerian head of state to have attended a meeting of the body.

All Progressives Congress (APC) Vice Presidential candidate, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo (SAN) who disclosed this yesterday at an interactive session with professionals in Warri, Delta state said those accusing Gen. Mohammadu Buhari of being a Muslim fundamentalist and campaigner of Islamization of Nigeria are distorting history against this backdrop.

Osinbajo said, "Throughout his period as military head of state, Gen. Buhari was under intense pressure to drag Nigeria into the IOC, but he never yielded because he respects Nigeria as a secular state in line with the constitution. Besides his cook and driver are Christians.

"When Gen. Babangida eventually dragged Nigeria into IOC a, none of the successors ever attended any of its meeting because they know to Islamise Nigeria is very difficult as you need to first get the constitution amended. That process, you know, is almost impossible".

"But it is on record that in 2013, President Jonathan, undermining the constitutional limitation, ensured that Nigeria attended an IOC meeting."

Prof. Osinbajo during the visit to Warri also called on the Chief Tuesday Onoge led faction of the divided Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) where he talked on the imperative for men of integrity to start leading in Nigeria.

He told the Onoge's UPU leadership, "We are aware of Ovwiamuge Declaration. The APC is grateful that there are men of integrity like you who would still stick their necks out to stand on the side of integrity to uphold the truth in the face of mindless compromise."

Ade Ipaye Adeola, Attorney Gen, Lagos state accusing Gen. Mohammadu Buhari of being a Muslim fundamentalist and campaigner of Islamization of Nigeria are distorting history against the realization that President Goodluck Jonathan was the first to attend the Organisation of Islamic Countries (IOC) since Gen. Ibrahim Babangida made the country a member.

Prof Osibanjo said Stealing of public money is far too much and making it impossible for govt to work properly. "We are not running a normal government. Reasources are largely stolen. One billion from excess crude unaccounted for, what country in the world loses 400000b/d of oil daily? Only in Nigeria. No oil theft without official complicity. APC government will hold those with statutory responsibility responsible."

"The Nigeria army is not equipped. If you follow the mutiny trials, the soldiers are saying they are not equipped and govt is saying 4trillion on defense.There is no other army where you are trying the army who do not have guns. twenty six percent of Nigeria government is taken over by militia. You cannot have two centers of authority in one country. They must first deal with the issue of corruption in defense spending and poverty among the youths being recruited. It is a function of corruption."

"I have not heard of a proper audit of NDDC, NNPC, things are done on man know man basis, you put someone there and you don't care if he does the job."

Prof Osibanjo thank Chief Onoge and his group for supporting Ovwiamuge declaration and the APC first beneficiary of the declaration.

Earlier on the courtesy call, Onoge had told Osinbajo that the Urhobo people will support the APC all the way in the coming election, "not only because the party fulfilled Ovwiamuge declaration, but also because we believe they have the best programmes to turn the country around."