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The pains and agonies suffered by those who are childless as a result of infertility, fibroid, low sperm count, and so on is better imagined than described. In some homes today, the devil has deliberately planted childlessness in order to destabilize many families and cause divorce, frustration and unhappiness. In some cases, the devil has succeeded in using his manipulative power to instigate husband against wife, mother- in-law against daughter -in-law and family against family. No wonder the Bible says, “The devil came to steal, kill and to destroy” (John 10:10). Whatever may be responsible for your childlessness, either known or unknown to medical expert, (or your doctor has just declared your case hopeless) you are going to testify before the Lord and His people!

The man in the Synagogue, Prophet T.B Joshua whom God is using mightily has declared 11TH DECEMBER, 2009 as a day God is going to remove all this stigma from the children of God. The prophet said that God wants to use him to usher people suffering from fibroid, low sperm count, infertility and so on into a new year of happy motherhood and happy fatherhood, for them to carry their own children instead of counting their past pains, agonies and condemnation.

This event will take place in the church auditorium and it will be televised to viewers around the world through Emmanuel T.V. However, please note that all children of God coming for this important gathering and wanting to partake in the blessing should come with certified medical reports. This is not for God! Medical report or not, God knows everybody and their problems. But the Bible says, “lf they don't see, they won't believe”. For this reason, it is important that everyone should come with his/her medical report for the viewers and on – lookers to believe that there is God in The Synagogue!

This Friday will therefore be a red letter day for the people looking unto God for the fruit of the womb, those with infertility, low sperm count, fibroid and all causes of childlessness and bareness as they are going to experience the handwork of God.

God is really speaking through the man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua and He will minister healing and solution to your problems. You can't miss it because the last year event was a bomb of miracles and instant testimonies from all the people that partook in that service. Some even received their own healing at home through Emmanuel T.V. It was a day that will ever remain in the hearts of those who witnessed it – a day when their miracle was born!

Get ready, come and receive your own healing.
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