Timely Delivery Of Electoral Materials To Polling Units

By Victor Dorawa Koreyo

An official Statement by Abraham's Children Foundation Nigeria towards a Violence Free 2015 General Election in Nigeria (23/1/2015)

With respect to the foundation goal of promoting peace through proactive and reactive community service delivery in nations, we are please to draw the kind attention of International Community to the re-occurring problem of late arrival of electoral Materials to polling units in many communities during the past general elections. The untimely delivery of electoral materials by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to polling units due to poor logistic arrangement resulted in these problems:

1. Late start of the voting process in polling units in many communities across Nigeria.

2. Voter with health challenge and mothers are technically disenfranchised because they are forced to leave the polling units by the unfortunate circumstance to take care of their health and children.

3. Opposition parties are made to believe that INEC is giving room for the manipulation of the voting process that give rise to negative reaction by the general public for lack of transparency in keeping to INEC voting time schedule.

Base on the global investigated fact that children and women suffer most during pre-election and post-election violence, crisis and war, it is our recommendation that the International Community should prevail on INEC to ensure that good logistic arrangements are made in advance for timely delivery of electoral materials to polling units.

This will make the voting process to start in time and end in accordance to INEC time schedule. The contingency logistic arrangements made in advance will be an insurance cover for smooth 2015 voting and collating process. A well advance logistic arrangement, monitoring and quick reaction mechanism by INEC will help to:

• Reduce tension in all polling units in election days that will result to voter's confidence in the electoral process.
• Ensure transparency in 2015 electoral process
• Security agents will find it easy to manage any crisis at polling units if election is concluded in day time in line with INEC time schedule.

Women and children are praying for International Community intervention for the best general election that is transparent and peaceful.

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