Niyola Shares [email protected] Experience

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

Just like the beautiful wife of Peter Okoye, Lola, who recently shared a shocking story of how she was molested several times by a Catholic priest, EME First Lady, Niyola has also shared her own similar experience.

Niyola, revealed that she also went through s3xual abuses when she was younger.

She opened up on other personal experiences and called for help against other young unsuspecting teenagers.

"I have been molested quite a number of times. Thankfully, I haven't been [email protected] I have been molested by both people I never imagined would molest me and obviously strangers as well. And it wasn't once, it wasn't twice. It wasn't three times.

“But what helped me was that I started to try to figure out at that time why anybody would want to do that to me or to any female. I realised it was cowardice. A lot of things could be done to prevent the situations and protect yourself.

“I remember for a very long time, I would never visit guys. And when I started to live alone, when I was in school, you would never come to my room for any reason.

“For a very long time, I was paranoid. But I realised that if you share your experience with people, your fellow women, you'll find that it's not that big a deal that you can't come out to talk about it because it's not your fault that someone tried to molest you. Such people should actually be punished and brought to book," the singer narrated.