Human Rights Report: Buhari Versus Jonathan Candidacy: Between The Devil And Deep Sea

February 2015 is the date for Presidential elections in Nigeria. I don't know of any other serious candidate, but two: Muhammadu Buhari and Goodluck Jonathan. These two are the serious contenders.

One area I cannot delve into is corruption. This is because in Nigeria all the past rulers or heads of State are fishes in water denying water when it comes to corruption. Whooping amount of 2.8 billion naira which translated to 5.6 billion US dollars as early as 1978 which translates to trillions of US dollars now, missed when Muhammadu Buhari was Petroleum Minister and Obasanjo Head of State. It was covered up in Ayo Irikefe Panel of 1984 as if Ayo Irikefe Panel was God or is God. The Panel was panel-beat to free Buhari and Obasanjo. But does that translate to freedom from the guilt of sin and evil you committed? That singular corruption is by extreme far, the most outstanding corruption in Nigeria till date because 5.6 billion dollars in 1978 translates to around 2.78 trillion dollars now in 2015.

Do you know what that amount really means? Jonathan himself is corruption made flesh. According to reports in 2012, the Oil windfall from January to August amounting to 100 billion US dollars was missing and no other person but British Prime Minister David Cameron opened the can of worms. 100 billion US dollars in 2012 translates to around 500 billion US dollars now in 2015.

So, lets keep corruption apart as far as these two candidates are concerned. Buhari was made sole signatory to Petroleum Trust Fund Account by Sanni Abacha, an offer earlier rejected by Idiagbon. Has Buhari opened up on the amount he received from Abacha and how much he utilized? So, lets keep corruption apart. In 1999, a Panel was set up to try the activities of Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) Abacha handed down to Buhari to administer. It was discovered that Buhari gave the sole right of every contract to one Afri Consortium (APC) which handed all the contracts of PTF as directed by Buhari. It was discovered that a whooping sum of 25.76 billion naira was misused and unaccounted for. Has Buhari explained this to the public? One thing with Nigerians is that they forget too often and can't revert to history.

The emphasis is on discipline and ability to drive Nigeria forward. On discipline, Buhari seems to surpass Jonathan. On ability to drive Nigeria forward, Buhari seems to surpass Jonathan. But there is one thing that defines world polity now, which is religious or terrorist inclination.

Buhari is a diehard muslim. Buhari together with Babangida, Abdulsalam Abubakar, Shehu Shagari, sultan of Sokoto, etsu Nupe, emir of Illorin, emir of Kano, emir of Zauzzau and Secretary Supreme Council of islamic affairs, in 1999, SMUGGLED sharia into Nigeria's Constitution, which is the canon fodder that spring-boarded bokoharam and signaled the trajectory of blood waste we are experiencing now. Anybody rooting for Buahari for President 2015 should ask Buhari only one question: “What will you do to sharia in Nigeria's Constitution if elected President?” Listen to Buhari rattle out a reply.

Goodluck Jonathan has been foot-dragging or do I say fighting a war he does not know how to. Surrounded by scavengers and looters of the treasury, this greenhorn has virtually nothing to offer.

I probably may not vote because the two candidates they presented are better described as unfortunate.

PDP should have selected a Christian candidate from the North, from any of the three Zones, especially North Central (not David Mark or his likes like and Jerry Gana all of who are corrupt) or East (not Theophilus Danjuma who is among the first three corrupt Nigerians through oil bloc). Power should have shifted to the North in 2015.

APC should have selected a Christian candidate from the North, from any of the three zones, especially North Central (not David Mark or his likes like and Jerry Gana all of who are corrupt) or East (not Theophilus Danjuma who is among the first three corrupt Nigerians through oil bloc). Power should have shifted to the North in 2015.

islam must be made to embrace modernity. bokoharam is because of sharia in the Constitution. No muslim should rule Nigeria again until sharia is obliterated from the Constitution and Nigeria made a, 100%, secular state. Otherwise, the muslim – President must implement sharia, because it is in the bloodstream of every muslim.

islam must be made to embrace modernity and democracy. islam is not democratic because it does not believe in human rights of freedom of conscience and freedom of religious worship. islam is not democratic at all. So, a muslim must not, cannot rule Nigeria again, until islam has been forced to accept democracy since Nigeria is said to be democratic. You cannot rule what you will scatter.

Devil's alternative is no alternative. Devil is satan and has nothing to offer based on freedom of conscience and right of a man to choose whom to worship. satan demands worship and nothing more. Once you worship satan, he can give you every other thing he can offer which is all fake, since he knows, he has gotten you. Buhari is satan in this adage, while Goodluck Jonathan is the deep blue sea.

If an aeroplan falls into Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean or Mediterranean Sea, there can be no way life can come out or escape if not by divinity intervention. But because GOD can intervene at all, there can be miracle, which is 100% dependent on GOD. Buhari as a muslim should not rule Nigeria, that is dead end because he is not yet democratic and must retain sharia and community of muslim Ummah. So, his candidacy is satan's alternative. He is a close street as you may have it in any town. Once a street is a close, you cannot drive through or pass through. Buhari is a close street: no passage, no thoroughfare.

Goodluck Jonathan has only 1 out of 10 trillion chance of getting it right which is extremely highly impossible. But because there is still one (1) attached to him, Nigerians may gamble in Jonathan, but he is not the choice. I may not vote personally because I don't have a candidate between the two.

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