Married Actress, Angela Okorie Gets Licked on Set

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie, does not care about what the media or haters will have to say about her as she continues to live her life with so much fun and love.

The actress who sometime ago was accused of stealing about $3200 from a guy based in South Africa named Prosper, where she had gone to shoot her new movie, seems to ignore any form of tongue lashing that might emanate from friends and family of her relationship with guys.

Although the actress later denied the allegations that she stole the said amount and stated that her matter was a case of blackmail. She accused of Prosper of using police in the former Apartheid country to humiliate her.

Angela was recently spotted on a movie set where she had to take a quick selfie with singer, Terry G and fellow actor, Kelvin. What was seen in the picture was more than a selfie for a married woman as Terry G licked her cheek so romantically.