Confusion, massive arrests as thousands of Mubi residents returned to their damaged houses

By Thomas Garba

Normalcy and peaceful co-existence has been the expectation of many returnees of Mubi Emirate after the recapture of the emirate council by Men of Nigerian army, which was initially turned as the centre of Islamic caliphate by the Boko Haram insurgents, a group believed to have a strange Islamic doctrines and ideologies.

The killing and forcing of many to receive the new Islamic religion irrespective of your religion by the dreaded group has turned Mubi to an empty town as all and sundry left the area for fear of being killed or joining them.

Mubi is now a safe place for everyone to go for whatever purpose but lots of complains and report of suspected indigenes of mubi town who have joined the group and helped in looting, stealing and bugling of peoples houses has been a daily reports by the returnees, an issue that is making the Nigerian army to be on their toes to arrest and decisively deal with anyone reported.

Before the return of peace and normalcy to mubi, many suspected mubi indigenes joined the group. Because of the way, manner and level of destruction that took place in the town where only selected houses were burnt in a particular area or only places of worship (churches) were mostly and dominantly destroyed no matter how inner and hidden it is cited in the town while avoiding many other neighboring houses close to those structures.

To ascertain the true nature of what is really happening now in the most economic city of Adamawa state is making some of the concerned citizens of the city to remind the security agents on surveillance mission to carefully investigate cases before arresting anyone.

Abdullahi Kwacham, a House of Reps aspirant, to represent Mubi North and South told our reporter that “some of the informants to the security agents are insincere in reporting some suspected member of BokoHaram”

It is the same story in all the deserted areas during the massive attacks by Boko Haram, areas like Hong,Gombi,Maiha,Michika and Madagali who have been breeding a lots of enemies in their minds to suspect many of their indigenes to be part of wanton destructions and killing in their lands.

A Pastor with EYN church,Pst Elkanah Luwah Vanda said all we must embrace peace with a total forgiveness to all our enemies, including our children who are part of this evil group is there we can be assure of lasting peace, else the animosity in the hearts of many now can even linger to generations yret unborn.