Rivers State PDP: The Current Reconciliation Move Is Laudable


South-South Native Assembly, USA commends the ongoing efforts by the PDP leadership in Rivers State to reconcile and address the grievances of the aggrieved parties in the aftermath of the recent primaries and calls on both the leadership and the aggrieved parties to endeavor and substantively resolve their differences in the interests of peace and advancement of the Nigerian brand of democratic experiment.

We also laud the efforts of all patriotic daughters, sons, and leaders of Rivers State who remain committed to enthroning peace and harmony across the State so as to hinder potential engineered cycle of violence and trends towards bloodshed during the forthcoming elections.

We believe the underlying reconciliation initiative remains a step in the right direction, and thank the Rivers State PDP chairman, Bro. Felix Obuah for his high level of sensitivity, thoughtfulness and burning desire for peace, while urging all members of the reconciliation committees to critically consider the solemnity of their duties, broaden their minds, and seriously reach out to all political and ethnic strata in critical attempts at fostering a genuine reconciliation process thereby putting in place an enduring peace, harmony and peaceful co-existence.

Hopefully, the ongoing reconciliation effort would be replicated by politicians across the country thus ushering in a grand and truly happy new year!


Princewill Udeme –Assistant Director, Media & Information

December 31, 2014