Hot Bikini Bods, Beautiful Faces, Fun people. Grill at the Pent takes party to the Pool.

By Obayi Chinedu

Bubbly waters, beautiful ladies, free flowing Ciroc are just the few expressions to define events that took place at the Blowfish Hotel, over the weekend, when organizers of Grill at the Pent hosted, its pool party; Grill at the Pool.

With the scorching sun heating up many parts of Lagos, the pool party was a desired necessity, as guests who arrived the venue, wasted no time in diving into the pool while others who were reluctant to have a swim, simply soaked in the sun, sipping on red berry, coconut and peach flavored

Premium Vodka, Ciroc. Also while munching on tasty chips and chicken.

Dj Debby got the party started by dishing out mad tunes from his rich repertoire of mixes, which got the party kicking. But that was just a tip of the iceberg of things to come. The night was taken to another level of euphoria when HKN official Dj, Dj Olu took control of the console. The moment he got on the wheels of steel, it was a different story altogether. He delivered massive hits that got the party crowd in complete excitement and in constant demand for more. His creativity and smooth delivery showed us why he is considered as of one rave Dj's to look out for.

Grill at the Pent is presented by Bankhead Entertainment in partnership with Weyworld, Bang & Kosher and powered by Ultra Premium Vodka, Ciroc.

Obayi Chinedu
Media Liasion Executive