Laide Bakare Opens Up About Her Scandalous Life

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

Laide Bakare could be easily rated as one of the top scandalous actresses in Nollywwod.
She reportedly married her second husband Alhaji Orilowo without legally ending her first marriage to Olumide Okufulire who she had a daughter for.

The thespian has also recently delivered a baby boy for her second husband in October 2014.
Laide who is back in Nigeria after safely delivering her third child had an interview but refused to address her personal life but disses those who are not comfortable with her choice of lifestyle.

"You can't change who I am. I don't talk about my marriage. I can't talk about my love. I just don't find it convenient discussing my love. It's nobody's business. I am in love, good. I am remarried, good. I have a new kid, good, I am who I am, good, I am contented and I am so happy with my life. Thus, anybody who is not happy with my new found joy should go to hell.”

The nursing mother says she isn't bothered by all the rumours going on about her, she also went ahead to attribute all the negative talk about her to a certain blackmailer whose identity she withheld.©