Day I Was Embarrassed In Church For Stealing—Mary Lazarus

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

Bubbling Mary Lazarus is unarguably one of the newest faces currently hypnotizing and hugging the limelight within and outside Nollywood. Barely six years in entertainment industry, the starlet from Abia State, said she's destined for the top and would do anything positive to reach the zenith of her burgeoning career.

The thespian, since then, has continued to wow Nollywood with her skills and panache.

In her words, “Acting is satisfactory to me and like the saying goes, you always get satisfaction doing what you love doing. Acting to me is wonderful and l have always said that whoever I will marry in future must not stop me from acting or the relationship will suffer a setback.

“Though it's full of ups and downs, but my passion for it keeps me going in the industry. I'm always looking ahead for the positive returns it offers.”

In a recent interview, amiable Miss Lazarus recalled the day she was utterly embarrassed in the church and how she has stayed afloat the sexual harassment in the industry.

“I would say I have been lucky because I got most of my jobs based on merit because I have not encountered things like that before. I have been lucky to have a clean state on any form of sexual harassment whether by producers, fans or what have you.

Then, there was a day I was embarrassed by a woman in the church for the role I played in 'Happy Family'. We were busy sharing the grace and immediately we said 'amen', a woman hit me so bad at my back and asked what was I praying about?

She said I am a very bad girl who has been going about stealing my father's money and that I should try and give my father rest of mind. It took a while before people around got to know that she was actually talking about a soap opera and not reality.”©