Nigerian Celebs Do Cheap Marriages Abroad………Singer, Duncan Mighty

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

Some Nigerian celebs are known to be lovers of foreign weddings. For best reasons known to them, they choose to have their weddings abroad and that makes it for only few people to attend. One Nigerian celeb has seen that idea as a low form of not respecting the wife's people or state of origin.

Port Harcourt first son as he identifies himself with, singer, Duncan Wene Mighty Okechukwu a.k.a Duncan Mighty, has revealed that he is not ready to follow the footsteps of some Nigerian celebrities who travel abroad for their weddings.

Ducan Mighty noted that he wants his fans to come and merry with him because he is proud of where his wife comes from and it is only a man that is not proud that will take his wife to another land for marriage.

The singer described international marriage has being 'cheap marriage.' “The secret of international marriage is cheap marriage. When you want to use cheap things. I've lived in Switzerland and I've seen a lot of Nigerian celebrities coming to Switz for their marriage. It is always between the groom, bride and the both parents but if you really want to show people your culture, you don't need to go to another man's country to marry your wife. If you're proud of your wife, go to where she come from, stay there and marry her. There is no need of going to Dubai and all that. All my fans must eat my rice, that's what promised my fans. International marriage is a cheap marriage, go and find out from anyone has lived in international community,” he concluded.©