Kids Say the Darndest Things Hits Nigerian Screens

By Eric Eghaghe

Lagos, Nigeria (November 17, 2014) Kids Say the Darndest Things, the globally acclaimed family Television Show reputed for bringing out the hilarious and smarter side of children will soon make a grand entry into Nigerian homes. The popular family-oriented Television Show of American origin features segments like One on One Series for the host and a kid, a live studio series tagged “The Panel Segment” for 3 kids and host and the “Hidden Camera”.

After many years of rave-making dominance of international versions of Kids Say the Darndest Things on the family belt of different Television Channels in the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, India and Italy, the show, which is scheduled to launch in Nigeria next quarter, will be customized to the Nigerian environment whilst retaining originality in its format.

The main promise of the show is that the host would pose a question to a child (between the ages of 2 and 10) who would usually respond in a witty manner and straight from the heart. It would show kids giving unrehearsed reactions to whatever the host asks or says to them; just as the host too would also provide some humour.

Industry feelers indicate that the show aims to inspire adults about different traits that epitomize an average Nigerian kid when faced with the challenge of responding to issues and perspectives within and outside their environment. The TV Show will bring the age-long adage that The Child is the father of the Man to real life.

There are indications that the show will bring back the excitement that dominated the Nigerian Television scene in the late 70s and early 80s, when family bonding was at its best, and kids grew up learning new things on-air. The studio setting of the show will be strikingly distinctive while a number of popular on-air-personalities with grand followership are currently being screened as potential host.

“The show is poised to fill the gap of quality programming and content on our electronic media and it will redefine Nigeria's TV landscape. As a family bonding platform, Kids Say the Darndest Things is also positioned to create holistic interaction within the target audience via online platforms like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube”, a source privy to the arrangement revealed.

In its original format, Kids Say the Darndest Things, as an American comedy series hosted by Bill Cosby, aired on CBS as a special on February 6, 1995, and as a full season from January 9, 1998 to June 23, 2000. It was a TV Series based on a popular feature with the same name in Art Linkletter's radio show House Party and Television Series, which aired mostly five days a week from 1945 to 1969.

Today, it has emerged one of the most popular shows on the family belt of different Television Channels in the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, India and Italy.

Nigerian viewers surely are in for wholesome and exciting family time soon.