Re: Femi Fani-Kayode As An Assassin In Government

By Bayo Oladeji & Jeffrey Henry

It is amazing just how malicious, vicious, bitter and ridiculous some people can be. It is in this light that one must see the write up titled ''Femi Fani-Kayode As An Assassin In Government...The Story Unfurls'' by one Enobong Umohette, a disgraced, dismissed and discredited former officer of Nigeria's State Security Services who wrote this piece and caused it to be published by Sahara reporters as far back as 2007.

It is also relevant to note that he wrote it and released it on the net just a few weeks after President Yar'adua first came to power and at a time when he thought that Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, the former Aviation minister, was likely to be nominated by ex-President Obasanjo to go into Yar'adua's first cabinet. That he was sponsored by Yar'adua's hatchet men to write this rubbish not only about Fani-Kayode but also about his own former boss the former Director-General of the SSS, Col. Kayode Are and ex-President Obasanjo is stating the obvious. That these very serious and wild claims that he made in 2007 and the fact that those claims were thoroughly investigated and found to be false at that time is no longer news. That all those that he had apparently been commissioned to ''kill'' by Chief Fani-Kayode, Obasanjo and the D-G of the SSS and whose lives he claimed to have saved ALL dismissed his ridiculous claims with contempt at that time, and still do, is no longer news. That Umohette had an axe to grind with everyone that participated in the regime that he believed destroyed his budding career as a James Bond-type spy and security officer is no longer news. That he married an old German woman that was twice his age just to get a visa and then fled Nigeria in 2005 or thereabout is no longer news. That he did not make public all this ''mind-blowing,'' ''vital'' and ''sensitive'' information about Fani-Kayode's supposed plans to kill his fellow Nigerians which he, Umohette, apparently single-handedly thwarted, when the Chief was facing Ministerial Screening in the Senate in 2006 is, to say the least, very suspicious. Surely that would have been the best time to drop this bomb shell if all this were true. Again why did Umohette not go to the police or to the press when all these things were actually happening or better still why did he not resign from the SSS and completely quit the job of a spook and a professional assassin? The reason that he could not and did not do any of the above is the fact that the whole thing from beginning to end, including his ridiculous assertions that Fani-Kayode had tortured and killed his own brother and members of his staff were all carefully crafted and scripted lies and fabrications. It is what is called ''disinformation'' in security circles and that well-crafted disinformation was not concocted and fabricated until 2007 when Fani-Kayode left office....a full three years after he had last seen Umohette. What is news is that Sahara reporters would want to dig up and re-publish this old and discredited story again, having first published it in 2007,only a few weeks after publishing yet another discredited story about Fani-Kayode in which they claimed that he had published nude pictures of his daughter on facebook. But let us get back to Umohette. The truth is that his assertions are unsubstantiated and preposterous and it is a disgrace that anyone should or could stoop so low. The fact that Chief Fani-Kayode himself, his family, Col. Kayode Are, ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo and all the so-called targets and victims of the ''conspiracy to murder'', such as Segun Adeniyi, Remi Oyo, Dayo Asaju, Adams Oshiomole and all the others have also treated this deluded man's fairy tales with the contempt that it deserves by not even dignifying it with a response speaks volumes. And quite apart from that each of them is very close to Chief Fani-Kayode today despite the fact that they may have had some minor political differences in the past.

The suggestion that Chief Fani-Kayode has a penchant for wanting to kill anyone that disagrees with him is just childish and ridiculous just as is the scurrilous suggestion that the former Minister has killed his older brother Mr. Akinola Fani-Kayode, who happens to be a lawyer like him, and has secretly buried him somewhere in Ghana. As regards Umohette I did my investigations on him as far back as 2007 when he wrote this utterly disgraceful piece and a lot came to the fore. After a while it became very clear to me that we were dealing with a very dangerous, conflicted, emotionally disturbed, mentally unstable and utterly relentless young man who had a deep grudge with the former leadership of the SSS, the Fani-Kayode family, Fani-Kayode himself and most importantly the Obasanjo regime. The reasons which prompted his dismissal as one of Fani-Kayode's security officers, and then later from the SSS, can not be unconnected with the fact that he had contravened some of the rules that had bound him as a security officer and the fact that he consistently broke the law by selling ammunition to unknown persons, hiring out his weapon, pulling his gun on people and regularly threatening to kill them at the slightest provocation, begging guests and friends of Fani-Kayode for money, blackmailing and bullying, his fellow security officers, disappearing for long hours in the night without any explanation and so on and so forth. After this sort of pathological and strange behaviour went on for some time Fani-Kayode formerly reported the matter, in writing, to the SSS and asked for him to be replaced with another officer, which he was. And that was Fani-Kayode's crime for which Umohette swore to all those that cared to listen that he would one day get his revenge. But unknown to him his travails had just started and he continued to have problems within the SSS and in his next posting until they were forced to arrest, detain and investigate him on a much more serious issue. And that issue eventually led to his dismissal from the SSS. The issue concerned his alleged links to and assistance of some extreemly dangerous Al Qaeda suspects that were in SSS detention and that he chose to assist in return for money.

He apparently assisted them by making phone calls to their international contacts on their behalf and passing messages to them. This is a very serious crime. These were people who were kept in custody by the SSS and who were under interrogation. The top officials of the SSS found out about the communications these suspects had with their contacts, traced the calls and shockingly, all the calls were made from Umohette's phone numbers (which he did not deny when the discovery glared him in the face). Further investigations were made and it was clear that Umohette's level of involvement with these terrorist cells was quite deep. The other reason that he was dismissed was because of his deteriorating his mental state and erratic behaviour. This was apparently sparked off by the fact that he had earlier lost his brother, someone he loved very much, when the latter was killed by hired assassins. This sad incident affected his mental state deeply and the SSS took cognisance of that fact. From that point on, his undue fascination and delusions of he himself being a hired assassin and killing people got worse and worse and it was symptomatic of the fact that he was gradually losing his mind. He was placed under watch by them for a few months and within this period he was always with a gun and would sometimes shoot sporadically at people and in the air. This alarmed the SSS and they immediately approved his dismissal from the Service. The only reason that they did not prosecute him for this or any of the earlier Al Qaeda related offences was because he was clearly mad and the service did not wish for the country to know that they had an unstable and mentally deranged person in it's service.

Yet despite his delusions and bitterness there is no doubt that Umohette had the presence of mind to have a deep hatred of the Obasanjo regime because he thought he was singled out for ''unjust'' punishment by them. This is despite the fact that his reasons for dismissal and everything that I have said here is in the records of the SSS. Quite apart from that I have taken time to check out the information myself and frankly speaking those records are not only accurate but Umohette's case has been a matter of great embarrassment to the SSS since 2005. The allegations he levelled against Chief Femi Fani-Kayode in his belated and baseless diatribe in 2007 and which have been republished by saharareporters again on 28th March 2010 are obviously malicious and were calculated to do as much damage to Chief Fani-Kayode's illustrious family and public career as possible. The question that should be asked and answered is who is after Chief Fani-Kayode and why? The facts and records are there at the SSS for verification as to why Umohette was dismissed from the SSS and his dismissal from service had no connection with the former Minister of Aviation. The Minister who he has been smearing with these crazy allegations hardly even knows him and he was assigned to him as one of his security officers for only a few months. As a security man who claims to be professional and efficient, he should have far better proof of his grave and wild assertions than simply his own verbal, ridiculous and highly questionable testimony. Does he not at least have tape recordings of these conspiracies or any other hard evidence apart from his word? Are we expected to trust and believe a character that is as flawed and as questionable as him? Since 2007 and up until today he has yet to present any proof of his very serious allegations. This is totally unacceptable and it is nothing but cheap blackmail, libel and slander.

These are just some of the problems that Nigerian public office holders and ex-public office holders sometimes encounter in Nigeria when an employee gets fired and this is not an exception. I challenge Umohette to answer the following questions: First of all, why did it take him so long to put these claims before the public? Why did he not speak out until he was fired? Does it mean that he was deeply involved with the conspiracy up until the time that he was fired? Does that not make him as guilty as anyone else? Has he ever killed people before as some have claimed? Is it true that he actually enjoys beating people and then killing them slowly? Can he provide any concrete evidence apart from his own words and recollection of events to his claims against Fani-Kayode's desire to kill people? Whilst Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was President, why did he not speak at that time? He may claim that his life may have been in danger if he had done so, but he could have safely done so from outside Nigeria because he had left the country well before Obasanjo left power. The truth is that he waited long enough for Umaru Yaradua to be elected into office so as to arouse sympathy from the new government in the hope that he would be reinstated by them and contracted to help deal with Obasanjo and all his boys. He was clearly being used by them to attack Chief Femi Fani-Kayode and he had every reason to take up that contract and job with great relish and pleasure. Umohette should desist from attempting to drag people down with him and most importantly, for his own sake he needs to seek medical attention about the state of his mind. The truth is that you need a sound mind to see the insanity in what you are doing and Umohette clearly does not have one.

He (Umohette) needs to admit his wrongdoings while he was in Service and if he wants to go back there, he should find some other means to do so other than attempting to run down an innocent man at the request of the Yaradua cabal, in order to make money and to gain cheap popularity. Fellow Nigerians, let us not accept every negative word and smear campaign that is thrown our way. Not all of us are privileged to know what is going on in the background and whenever or wherever negative and slurring reports are churned out, there MUST be concrete evidence to predicate them on, otherwise they should be disregarded and treated with the contempt and derision that they clearly deserve. The reasons I have stated for the outright dismissal of Enobong Umohette from the SSS can be verified by them. Nigerian politicians need to urgently play decent and respectable politics instead of unnecessarily using others to try and hack people down for no justifiable cause. Umohette should understand by now that Yar'Adua's days are over and that there is no way for him to get back to work for the SSS. There is also a need for him to stop all the disparaging disinformation and lies that he is spreading all over the world about innocent men and women. He should concentrate more on his mental rehabilitation, his family and his new found career in professional boxing. That would be a far more productive exercise. As for the long list of allegations that he has made against Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, his former principal and a man whose life and family he was supposed to guard with his own, they are nothing but a figment of his wild imagination and they are based on nothing but tissues of lies and falsehood. It is just as well that the former Minister, the former DG of SSS and ex President Olusegun Obasanjo has treated his childish allegations and assertions with the contempt and disgust that it deserves by simply ignoring him.

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