PDP Must Win Borno In 2015

By Ibrahim-Gwamna Mshelizza

The leader of PDP in Borno state,Hon Mohammad Wakil has cited the need for Borno to return to national politics and achieve fast tracked development as reasons for Borno to.vote PDP in 2015.

Addressing a press conference attended by all stakeholders of the party in Maiduguri, Wakil stated that no amount of federal appointments can take the place of a state government.

" We now have a golden opportunity to win the state and change our history of loss to victory and collective prosperity. We have the rare opportunity to add the state government to the long list of feðeral appointments we have enjoyed since 1999 for our people and state.

"My people,no amount of federal opportunities including that of a minister can take the place of a state government.Our target is therefore to install a PDP led Borno state government by 2015.We must unite further for us to achieve this goal. We must be conscious that we are seeking to vote out a sitting government.

" But we can do it because we are now one united family with Bórno people solidly behind us.What we had always worked and prayed for,Almighty Allah has granted us.We now have a pan Borno agenda supported by all and designed to take our state to higher height",the minister said.

"I thank Almighty Allah that this is happening in my time as the leader of our great party in this state.I am elated that division among our leaders which had cost us several electoral losses is now a thing of the past. Our capacity to keep PDP strong and virile to this point is legendary.Our success manifest even more as it attracts politicians of substance into our fold.

"It is on this note that I declare that we fully accept and welcome His Excellency ,Distinguished Senator Ali Modu Sheriff,a former Governor of Borno state,Alhaji Kashim Ibrahim Imam,the Mutawali of Borno,Alhaji Kaka Bolori,former chairman of MMC and other leaders with their followers from the APC and other parties. We also welcome into the PDP all those who had come earlier and those who are yet to come.Our doors are open.

"The fact that our old rivals are now with us will surprise many watchers of politics. As we all share common goal of chánge for better in our state,I appeal to our old members to welcome the returnees and decampees. Let our doors continue to remain open.Let us continue to show maturity in handling new developments within the party.

"To those who are just joining us,feel at home,obey the rules and enjoy opportunities under the umbrella. Let us all act together as sons and daughters of a rejuvenated PDP",the minister declared.