Exclusive: Another Actor Blasts Charles Novia, Says ‘I’ve Lost Respect For Him’

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

There is a popular saying that 'man know man, na him dey kill ma' (it's a fellow friend that knows much about one that can kill the fellow person). This is the tail of Nollywood producer and critique, Charles Novia with fellow actor, Chris Bassey, recently on the social media.

Earlier in September, viral reports had it that a Hoax call was made by Chris Bassey, to Arik to be precise about a girl infected with Ebola virus and the plane was made to land at the international instead of GAT.

The flight originated from Enugu and was to terminate in Lagos. Arik officials moved in swiftly and everyone on the plane was quarantined temporary and the girl was fished out.

Interestingly, the girl Mercy Ogechi told airport and Arik officials that she knew why the plane was diverted that she was sure her boyfriend (Chris Bassey) called them. She said she was not infected by the virus that the boy threatened to give her public embarrassment if she refuses to marry him. After the test, she tested negative to the virus.

Recently, hell was let loosed as the actor, Chris Bassey, took to his social media page to reply Charles Novia who had earlier posted a mocked message about him (Chris) on his facebook page. When NFC took a tour round Charles facebook page, the post was deleted but NFC was able to lay hands on part of the write-up by Charles.

Here is Chris note to Charles Novia;

“Hello Mr Charles Novia, I decided to keep you quite for a while because I actually don't have the right word to say to you, before posting a news as a Writer you claimed you were, I will advice always verify the information or news.

I used to have respect for you, but you have lost it… this is because I wonder why you that just started blogging yesterday would just get an information and post it on Facebook without proper verification as a Writer you claimed you are.

I saw the news and laughed out soooo loud… this is because there was nothing like a breakup that would lead to such accusations. Of saying i made a call to airline because of a breakup. Anyway I don't have much time to waste talking to you, because the time i got is been spent on set and scripting Less i forget, i believe if we have to go by records. The movies you have done in the last 3years is not up to what i have done this year alone, since your so call blog is not enough for you to post information you have decided to share space with Facebook. If asked self, what has been your major source of livelihood for the past 2years? I guess you have been living off your friends because I can't remember seeing any script or movie produced by you. See Mr Man calm down, and don't be a disgrace to yourself. Because it's obvious you're just seeking for the lost fame which is hard to find.

All I can say is Charles Novia Wakeup. Because you're still Sleeping.‪#‎Story for the gods‬. # Chris Bassey
I Guess no grammatical error here.

When NFC put a call through to the fast rising actor about the whole scenario, Chris revealed attested to the fact that he called Arik Airlines but told them that there was a sick person in the plane and not an Ebola patient as widely reported.

Chris stated that he has not had any issues with Charles but wondered why he could go that far to write negative things about him without verifying his stories.
The actor explained that the girl in question was his girlfriend but the relationship ended because she was not being faithful which was the reason she was chased out of her earlier marriage which produced a son.