Waje Delves Into Other Business

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Wave making singer, Waje, is planning to diversify in order to still maintain a stable balance in her bank account for a long period of time.

The singer is not actually leaving music, but ready to become a CEO. Although she has not disclosed the business she is delving into, but announced that she loves owning a business of her own.

She explain that doing other things helps to challenge her and enables her to strategize and conquer new grounds.

Waje has shared the stage with various international artists, she performed with the phenomenal Wyclef Jean on stage in South Africa,she also opened for Kerry Hilson during a show organised in calabar Nigeria, she has also worked with a lot of artist making good music and smash hit singles One Naira with MI,DO ME (p-square ft waje)and a whole lot more.