Uwajumogu And The Burden Of Okigwe Zonal Development

By Chigozie Uzosike

A great philosopher, Jawaharial Nehru has this to say: I will throw myself into the service of my country until every fibre of my being is consumed. And John Maxwell went further to posit that great leaders never set themselves above their followers except in carrying out responsibilities.

The Speaker and member representing Ihitte/Uboma state constituency, Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu has decided above all things, to shoulder the problems of his zone, Okigwe, trying to Joshua the town to a land flowing with milk and honey. Indeed, inspirational leaders possess a compelling vision of the future that is greater than any single event or experience.

The Speaker has taken it upon himself to ensure that development that is visible and people-oriented is brought to Okigwe Zone using both his position as Speaker and the good relationship that exists between him and the Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha. He has tapped into the resources of the state vis-à-vis the phatic communion existing between him and the executive to change the face of Okigwe Zone.

I believe that until men of integrity hijack the polity of this country, politics will continue to be seen as a dirty game and “no society can surely flourish and be happy of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable”, this is according to Adams Smith. This Uwajumogu understands when he denies himself all the comfort that his exalted office provides and decides to channel all the resources to okigwe zone, so that in his calculation, the people can truly reap the gains of democracy. Today, the best of Okigwe zone has been harnessed because the Speaker has given his best, using the goodwill of his office.

Why does the Speaker want to be Senator? And I dare to say: the measure of greatness is not the number of servants you have but the number of people you serve. Of course true leadership begins with servanthood. The Speaker has shown from the achievement recorded in less than three years as the number three citizen of Imo state that he is a servant-leader. Uwajumogu wants to broaden the horizon of development in and of Okigwe zone , hence his senatorial ambition. He wants to skill up the ladder of federal benefits accruing from being a senator.

The burden of Uwajumogu is evident in the development he has brought to bear in not only his constituency but in the entire okigwe zone. The Speaker has provided employment for the youths of the area bearing in mind that no society can develop if the greater part of the youths are unemployed. He has facilitated the establishment of three institutions of higher learning, knowing that without education, the people are perished. The Malaysian modern market at Obowo is part of the conceptualization of the Speaker so that the farmer can sell off their goods, especially that he saw to the revamping of Avutu poultry and the Nsu Tiles that is on-going.

No sooner had the Speaker took over as the generalissimo of the House than he provided modern schools for all the wards in the six local government areas of Okigwe Zone, modern general hospitals are not left out of his achievements. He provided enabling environment for business to thrive by the renewal of Okigwe town and other satellite cities in the area..

Going to senate will afford him another opportunity to attract more dividend of democracy to okigwe zone. The Speaker has promised that if elected senator, he will ensure that vocational centers are put in place for the youths to acquire skills that will enable them meet up the modern trend. Skill acquisition that will cause the youths to go into arts, craft, aquaculture, soap, computer training among others. The establishment of cottage industries is going to be the priority of the Speaker, where household goods will be produced. This to me will loosen the tight grip to food importation and encourage our people consume what they produce and also export for profit.

Remember, I have always said that the name of the game is experience and somebody who has the capacity, character, finesse, integrity and prowess to attract the dividend of democracy to his people. The senate is not for boys but for men who understand the nitty-gritty and the language of the House. It is for people who will not be away when important committees are allocated. It is not for lawmakers who fight the leadership, thus denying his people the gains of that good relationship expected in the senate. It is for people who will ensure that their state is mainstreamed in the core issues of legislation.

Uwajumogu is to me, the key the Okigwe zone and Imo State at large need to unlock the doors where the quantum of resources of Nigeria is “housed”.

Chigozie Uzosike, renowned Journalist and Development Analyst writes from Owerri

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