Ebola Virus Is More Spiritual Than Physical—Bishop Umunna


The Presiding Bishop and General Overseer of Bible Life Church Cathedral (BLCC) International, Bishop (Prof.) Leonard Nwaoma Umunna recently called on Nigerians to see Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) as a spiritual disease set to destroy the world. Ebola disease has been in existing since 1976 in Africa and Ebola is not different from the plagues that God used to afflict the stubborn Egyptians in the Holy Bible.

Bishop Umunna explained further that Ebola is a sign of end time where everybody in Nigeria must accept God with their faith. We lack simple hygienic principles because we are always in hurry to achieve. We need to quarantine our surroundings to avoid outbreak of cholera and Ebola. God has used me to heal on manners of diseases in Nigeria and abroad and even raised the dead. Nobody in the world has founded the cure of HIV/AIDs than preventing it. Bishop Umunna also cited a Bible verse on Numbers 16:46-49, saying that Ebola is a plague and sign of perilous times of disobedience. He explained that Ebola has 21 days incubation which symptoms start with malaria, fever, weakness of the body, vomiting, bleeding and others. Ebola can be preventable if we are ready to keep our environment clean.

He stressed that Ebola issue is gradually dying down because the government has told us that Nigerians are free from the virus. Ebola is a sign for unbelievers, fake ministers of God, fraudsters and others to repent. We have failed to respect our health laws in Nigeria that is why any strange disease can easily penetrate into the country. He also added that Boko Haram insurgents are fighting for marginalization but taking of innocent blood is what I did not support. Every Nigerian must learn to live above Ebola trepidation. We have some spiritual diseases that are more than Ebola. Even the Bible has instructed us not to eat bats and monkeys, he said.