I just returned from a trip where I attended the September 16th 2014 Goodluck Support Group Summit held at Eagles Square, Federal Capital Territory Abuja. I saw committed change-agents and also bread-and-butter peoples all on parades. I read the security meter of Nigerian nationality and I realized that the endless battles for the imperium are snuffing away the little spirit that Great Zik of Africa gave Nigeria. There were fears and feelings of insecurity all over Abuja that one can rightly say that Aso Rock may have become a sterile igneous rock different from the limestone nature of it.

Almost everywhere you go: from Malls, Churches and Mosques, motor parks and markets, gardens and parks, hotels and eateries, meetings and events; you are to be searched with anti-bombs and arms instruments and Abuja's aural of Nigerian nationalism seems to have become a history. To say that one is often reminded of Nigeria being in a terrorism theater (call it war play-nation if you choose) may be a soft description.

I feared for Nigeria and Nigerians and Blackman world-over that no one can bet what future holds in stock for sure. With the security jittery state of Abuja and all negative happenstances across Nigeria I was fully convinced that what led to Biafra – Nigeria war are far from being over. We are in a state of undeclared full scale wars with ourselves.

I looked for the Arewa North and I see confusions emanating from the born-to-rule frenzy carried too far that the machete is seriously destroying its housing-scabbard while jubilating, saying that it was destroying a useless scabbard. I looked for the tribal oriented Yorubas, I found out that they have through the Obasanjos and Tinubus become dreamt-up Nigerian nationalists, and I realized that all is not well with Nigeria. For, anytime there is political partnership between North and West and or Yorubas become Nationalists history tells that all is not well with Nigeria.

I looked for the multinational Middle Belt, and I see free but in chain people reminding one about Maya Angeleo's title work maxim “I know why caged bird sings”. Though, I found out that she has fared-well without Arewa North (today) she stands colossal fatality of the Arewa North and her Islamists and terrorists' Fulani herdsmen/elite and Boko Haram brigandage.

I looked for the so-called political Niger Delta and I saw “partying culture people singing blues, eating and dining while suffering helminthiasis of our turnism”. I dashed to the streets, I see armies of ethnic militias welding weapons of mass destructions and I was fully convinced that there seems end to Biafra – Nigeria battlefields' hostilities but the fierce wars of the “imperium colonizer” are far from been over.

Then, I looked where my people Igbo stood in the affairs of things in postwar Nigeria? Yes, I see them in the incinerator-kitchen of Nigerian nationalism but cannot find them on the dining tables. To the extent that they are not worthy enough to even feed from the crumbs that fall from the national cakes table. This has seen the Young Leopards making daring case for the restoration of Biafran independence. More so, I see a people whose humanity were shattered and destroyed and forcefully suppressed to be Nigeria's unequal constituent. That, despite the beautiful stories and good-news of Biafra testaments as seen with Igbo's that have been proving that there is no truth in “white-brain-superiority myths” and 'one Nigerian' there is still no equality of status for the Igbo mind. Despite that ALL-AGAINST HERS (yesterday) ethnic nationalities are having ethnic militias Ndi Igbo are yet to have a breath space in Chi's universe.

However, I have had the opportunity of having my Ohanaeze Youth Council leadership battling down the Okechukwu Isiguzoro led Ohanaeze Youth Wing (appendage of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo) for hitting headlines that Jonathan has failed the Igbo and may not have Igbo supports come 2015. Though they have recanted, visited Aso Rock and been placated to now campaigning for Mr. President's re-election and brandishing his good governance scorecards; one feared that all may not go well in 2015 if the ugly trends checkmating Igbo's economy remains unsolved. There has been ongoing war of Igbo containment in Nigeria and one can swear with all the Igbo (Arusi) shrines that the said war is yet to be over despite Igbo's efforts in sustaining the current democratic rule of one that they out-rightly choose as their own sibling.

Even the endless backbiting of the Igbo's by the political dogs of the Niger Deltas to curry favour and or gain political ascendancy has already began to rear ugly heads brewing needless campaign against Goodluck Jonathan and his quest for Re-election. We were at Eagle square but had our appetite lost and faith in Igbo led East/Midwest accord shattered on seeing the Ateke Toms – jackals of the Obasanjos and co political Niger Delta still waging needless wars against my people (Igbo). Some of our delegates left while we retired to suffering and smiling joint to brainstorm and whirl away time. Imagine, the leadership of Ohanaeze Youth Council respectively led by Comrades Francis Oji and Chukwuebuka Uzochukwu as president and Secretary general and yours sincerely was stunned and disappointed by the South-south scorecards that discredits the Igbo and their economic challenges cum goodwill to all especially present South-south as grossly advertised during the recent Abuja held Goodluck Support Group Summit.

The misinformation and political calumny was erroneously carried too far by crude militant leader Ateke Tom through his Rivers state gubernatorial quest branded buses strategically packed at different entrances and transit points to Eagles Square for people to see and read meanings. We are surprise to see Igbo grouped as those that have ruled Nigeria along with others more than political Niger Delta as if Eastern region exists in isolation of political Niger Deltas'. The title of the advert reads: “NIGERIA's JOURNEY OF GOVERNANCE”. Contents read: “North East – BELEWA, South East: AZIKIWE & IRONSI, North Central: GOWON, BABANGIDA & ABDULSALAMI; North West: MURTALA, SHAGARI, BUHARI, ABACHA & YARADUA, South West: OBASANJO, SHONEKAN & OBASANJO, South South: JONATHAN. YOU SEE! EQUITY & JUSTICE DEMAND SUPPORT 4 GOODLUCK”. We, at the level of Ohanaeze Youth Council while in conversant with the Igbo led East conscious sacrifices and investment in Eastern, Nigerian and Pan African nationalism viewed this Ateke Toms' babblers' claims as a gross insult and sabotage to the sensibility of the Igbo's who paid the supreme price including millions of Biafra victims and martyrs for the sustenance and emergence of the today South South and president Jonathan's rule. The truth of the matter is that all Nigerian region have ruled more than the Igbo's whose only son to rule Nigeria Gen. J.T.U. Aguiyi Ironsi ruled merely six months (January to July 29, 1966) before he was murdered by the Gowon-Danjuma led coupist-mutiny while Pa. Nnamdi Azikiwe was merely a ceremonial president under the Executive Prime Ministership of Sir Tafawa Belewa (1960-1966). Pa Zik was not an executive president; it was Alhaji Shuhe Shegari who became the first Executive President of Nigeria.

Regrettably, Ndi Igbo have along with good people of the East and Mid-West been confronted again by the facts that the Ken Saro Wiwas and Isaac Adaka Boros of the enemies skewed political Niger Delta used to sabotage the Igbo led Biafra and were to latter had their lives snuffed-out by the same Northern oligarchists they served and enthroned that dubiously cornered 95% oil wells of Niger Delta after Biafra are still at work? That they have not realized their mistakes and the wisdom that have seen the only Niger Delta intellectual and grounded militant, COMRADE ASARI DOKUBO rejected amnesty and always apologizing to the Igbos' for the yesterday betrayals of his people and making calls for closing of ranks?

Too bad that Ateke Tom is still a blind man militant rogue that knows not where to face his gun. Isaac Adaka Boro was the first man to raise gun against the unfriendly Nigeria climes when he declared his short-lived 12 days Republic of Niger Delta but was rounded up by his Ijaw people and handed over to Tafawa Belewa's government. He was tried and judged guilty and imprisoned for raising doubts challenging the menacing evils of inequality in Nigerian nationality. When Igbo led Biafra raised Biafra bar in tandem with Isaac Adaka Boro's justiciable uprising; Boro felled for the political offer to be empowered to help liberate his people from Ndi Igbo eying their so-called black gold and the promises of becoming the Federalists' coupists' war fighters' Niger Delta Big Man.

Together with Ken Saro Wiwa, they were empowered and used as militia leaders of the Rivers Boys that Biafra saw in the Creeks and feared that the menacing activities of the enemies within has stricken her heart – and pulled out of the Creeks losing Port Harcourt and its environs.

After taking Port Harcourt, Benjamin Adekunle led 3rd Marine Commandos on the instructions of the Gowon led war Junta ambushed and killed Adaka Boro less than six minutes after leaving Adekunle's called consultation to avoid having Isaac Boro that had had a popular acceptance becoming next strongman to confront the Hausa-Fulani led Kaduna Mafias. So Radio Nigeria began to announce that Biafra soldiers have killed Adaka Boro. However, Saro Wiwas, Edwun Clarks, Godwin Alabis, Diet Spiffs, Obasanjos thought differently while disparaging the Biafra killing Adaka Boro's propaganda. Even Obasanjo wondered why a friend that helped Nigerian Army captured Rivers and environs should die in such circumstance.

However, Soro Wiwa realized lately after he was thrown out of the corridors of power by the Hausa-Fulani Oligarchists and Kaduna Mafias. Yet he made great atonement even with his life that one wondered where lies the brain in the Ateke Toms' new wars against the Igbo's who made President Jonathan's presidency possible by de-staking their stakes.

I remembered hearing Great Comrade Ken Saro Wiwa on Nigeria Television Authority monitored in Ukpor Anambra state at the pre-1995 National Confab's Mkpoko Igbo Conference at Enugu saying while asking for Igbo's supports: “If 20 million Igbo, 21 million Yorubas cannot join force and fight Hausa-Fulani oligarchy; all of us should go to hell and burn to ashes”. Then on the third day of the Mkpoko Igbo, the modern day African Hannibal and Biafra chief authority figure he unwisely sabotaged his dreamed Republic of Biafra Gen Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu took the floor glaring with compassion and said: “Ken, may I call you my brother. What I saw two-quarter century ago …. You are seeing today. You said for us to join force. Well, with open hands welcome to the fold”. Dim Ojukwu's reply presupposes that the Igbo have already been up in the endless battle with the enemies of equality in Nigeria nationality and should be joined.

Ken Saro wiwa understood, dropped all his ill-feelings and arsenals against Igbo that led him always using small letter 'b” when writing Biafra in his books and writings and even describing “Biafra as a madness that caught an entire nation through one individual”. He fought a good fight and gave his best closing ranks with Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and the Igbo's that his death request before the hangmen took his life was to see the erstwhile Biafra Head of State and champion of Black humanity General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu – Dike Di Ora Mma, Eze Igbo Gburu Gburu, General of the People's Army, Agu Biafra, Oldfuture See etc. Dim Ojukwu was invited and both men conferred, wept while Dim Ojukwu was reportedly said to have told him: “Good Morning”. The political Niger Deltas are today great beneficiaries of the Ojukwu – Sara wiwa new beginning push for a bastion of democracy in the Bight of Biafra (Gulf of Guinea) including President Jonathan's presidency.

Worrisome! Instead of the leading forces of the self-disassociating South south replicating the good news reengineered by Gen Ojukwus and Saro-Wiwas paid off for today; there seems to be eating, winning and dancing milieus depicting: “it is our turn to shine without seeing that ominous sky hovers badly” and the Igbo's are still seen unwanted guest by the ill-informed Jacobites messing up the “Joseph in Egyptian Nigerian Statecraft”.

Your Excellency, pardon me for addressing you as “Joseph in Egyptian Nigerian Statecraft because those who felt that you are in theirs Egyptian statecraft have long asked you to leave or embrace Islam prostrating for the Jihadsists' Arewa North. By this I will not accept that you are my president and also theirs. They have called you all kinds of names and even said that they badly wanted the power leased to you back and your refusal have seen you the most challenged and embattled president in history. Accept me referring to your good person as “Joseph in Egypt” because your humanity and mine tarries and having heard that you have no right of equality to Nigerian nationality upon being the number one citizen I also know that we do not belong. Those who asked you not to seek re-election come 2015 have already written us, your Southern Nigerians' equality to Nigerian nationality off before coming for you.

I write you not to let the ugly history of our past repeat itself to avoid one been fooled twice. The bloods of the saints, martyrs and victims of Biafra on my mind! Biafra also, on my mind! I have seen Pas. Edwin Clarks, Diete Spiffs and Tony Enahoros of the political Niger Delta dutifully worked/working tirelessly to remedy Nigeria that Pa. Obafemi Awolowo misled them to kill through his proposition for 100 % resource control to help Gen Yakubu Gowon led Federal military musketeers get enough arms and resources to be used to obliterate Biafran and carried-out genocides against Igbo he had initially forced economic blockade on while telling Gowon: “You cannot be fighting a man and be feeding him”. Dear Joseph in Egypt, remember, Nigeria's fiscal federalism was formerly based on regions generating revenues, keep 50%, pay 30% to the Federal government and 20% to sharable federation account. It is against what obtains today where every region and states are dependent on federal allocations of resources to theirs gross underdevelopment.

It is to Awolowo's anti-Igbo sentiments and war crime hits against Igbo led Biafra that regions lost to his war wizardly proposition for the federal government's 100% resource control. His (Awo's) proposition that 100% resource control including his then Western region's cocoa dominated produces be taken over by the Gowon Military regime just to help obliterate the Igbo's on the ground that Nigeria will revert to status quo after the war did not work. Hausa-Fulani led North got what they knew will help them keep the economy skewed against others and refused to revert to pre-war status quo. Pa. Awolowo was disappointed by the Hausa-Fulani led North who held-on to 100% that the Igbo's Mkpoko Igbo 1994 conference resolve for thirteen percent derivation that is today in practice came into 1995 confab resolution through a motion moved by Pa. Alex Ekwueme and vigorously pushed by the likes of Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwus, C. C. Onohs, Ken Saro Wiwas etc.

Be it recalled oh Joseph that it was Igbo's 1995 national confab delegates that got the Six zones structure as used today that despite been a fall-out to mancho-Arewa North's war chest conquest reducing Nigeria from three federating geopolitics (Eastern Region, Northern Region and Western Region) to 1914 North and South geopolitics distrusted and discarded by the British. The follies of Southerners led to too many lost to Arewa North when they sacrificed everything to help bring down Igbo's Biafra rising sun. This has seen Southern Nigeria that before the war was having three regions East, Mid-West and West to single North region making four regions outwitted and reduced to single Southern Nigerian unit been paired to monolithic North and politics.

It is on record that Pa. Awolowo was later disappointed that he resigned from Gowon's government as Federal Commissioner of Finance and Vice chairman, Federal Executive Council. He realized his mistakes without acknowledging it and was begging during 1979 and 1983 presidential campaigns of his to be voted to rule Nigeria for a day. May be to do justice to Nigeria he never believed in and described to only exist on geography: But ridiculously, Awolowo supported one and indivisible Nigeria that promises greatness and works when it calls for the political displacement of the Igbo from pre-war first class leadership in Nigeria to empowering his then only Yoruba favoured developed human resources, aside the Igbo's. That is to say the Biafra war was fought seeing Arewa led North went for the Imperium and Awolowo became a Nigerian nationalist only if the destruction and displacement of the Igbo's humanity will see his people taking charge of the political economy and civil service.

Nevertheless, it is to Awolowo's self-noticed destruction of Nigerian fiscal federalism that he invented the tautology “True Federalism” canvassing for it as Nigeria's political alternative that his followers had succeeded ramming into Nigeria politics and jargons that even the just concluded 2014 National Confab recommended and inserted it into the proposed constitutional amendments as if federalism has definition and conceptual framework problems. Federalism is federalism and has no conceptual error or framework problem!

I have seen the Igbo getting their Nigeria's 2006 national Confab delegates staging a solidarity walkout with the South South delegates over the North's refusal for the upping of 13% derivation formula or accepting resource control. And it stunned Pa. Edwin Clark that he made a banner headline: “YORUBAS BETRAYED US. IGBO ARE WITH US” especially seen in a 2006 Vanguard Newspaper headline.

Here be it asked whose war against Igbo that Ateke Tom angling to govern Igbo's founded and dominated Port Harcourt's Rivers State, known as Igwe Ocha before the coming of colonial Sir Harcourt it was renamed after? That he has dealt a blow to the psych and efforts the Igbo's and rest East/Midwest brethren jointly pushed power of shared vision making case for ONE VOICE, ONE RESOURCEFUL MULTICULTURAL and MULTINATIONAL CONCERNS? Where are the wise-men and lettered one of the Rivers state and South South when an ill-informed militant crooked Ateke is squaring for power when he does not know where to face his gun? Rivers state cannot afford to have another regime of nuisance culture let loose by a cultist crook that have already seen Igbo's marked enemies. I will not be surprise if the Igbo Rivers have no place in Ateke's Rivers if he is rigged into power!

However, as another electioneering time is around the corner, come 2015, efforts should be made to get Igbo believing that they were not day-dreaming when they made President Jonathan their choice president in 201l presidential polls. Igbo's must have commensurate rewards to their genuine efforts and undivided heart and unalloyed faith in sociable trends and economic emancipation of man and his society irrespective of whose goat is gored. It was this Igbo latitude of mind that make Goodluck Jonathan presidency possible. Today, one can categorically say that the Igbo are at crossroads whether theirs said political decision still worth its onions or still enabling?

The dangerous trendy question goes: Why is it that we (Igbo) think Pan Eastern/Midwest, and most leaders/youths of the South-south think political Niger Delta without the Igbo's that has seen the Ateke Toms making malice aforethought campaign that Igbo have ruled Nigeria through Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Gen Aguiyi Ironsi. Whereas, there is no truth in this, as Nnamdi Azikiwe was merely a ceremonial president; we are surprise that the Igbo who forgone their long journey presidential quest to let Joseph in Egypt sailed and through Gen Ironsi only had a six months stint before he was killed in office during a North led military mutiny are now at the receiving ends of the “Self-delusory Jacobites” who if they had their self-alienating politics sail through may live to face the bashings and trappings of the Pharaohs that know not Joseph.

Dear Joseph, we find it difficult to believe that Ateke Toms are campaigning for your Re-Election that the Igbo have almost bought into attempting to sacrifice again the Igbo's stake on Presidency while contending that theirs ought to come-in on equity grounds immediately after yours and not the divisive geography that has seen North long held the imperium? If we go by Ateke Toms' it means that it should go to North East he belatedly listed as having ruled only once through Alhaji Tafawa Belewa, whereas he had a six years stint against the Igbo's six months via Gen Ironsi. We demand that you intervene and stop these anti-Igbo un-boding languages because it has already become an issue among Ndi Igbo. See attached pictures of the said Ateke Toms' Igbo smearing campaign that yours sincerely took during the recently held Goodluck Support Group Summit at Eagles Square, Abuja.

While those (Igbo) with the mega-phones and the Igbo's Ohanaeze Ndigbo and All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA leaders have already without consultation declared support for Your Excellency President Goodluck Jonathan's continuity come 2015; efforts should be made to know if the Igbo have actually fared well and why the frenzy slogan Aga akpaya akpa is getting popular. Listen to the opposing views and see yourself in true mirrors and not that of the moneyed-away conscience. Otherwise, there may be ample opportunities for your opponents to make a good bargain that may see the Igbo not voting the way they did for you in 2011.

One of the major causes likely to upturn the voting trend against the incumbent president is the anti-Igbo callous campaigns by the Ateke Toms and siblings that have written off Igbo's claims to presidency after Jonathan as people that have ruled twice. While the Igbo's may be supporting Jonathan who they assumed their Eastern sibling, Ateke Toms are calling us names misinforming the unsuspecting public that we are part of the enemies. While the Igbo has ruled merely six months; let no one reminds us that we supposed make a stake after all, Ateke's Jonathan South South might have ruled six years by 2015 and is asking for another four years.

Presently our Igbo have still had little or nothing to show as a constituent part of Nigeria they have putted more sweats and bloods to nurture than any. No doubt, the Igbo's highly needed what obtains in other parts of Nigeria in Igbo land e.g. Seaports, International Airports, networking Railways and good road networks, solution to power outages and millennial schools and tertiary institutions to believe that we are part of president Goodluck Jonathan's Nigeria. `

Your Excellency, we also, frown with great dismay that the Federal government and Nigeria Police Force and other security and intelligence networks are illegally busy killing, maiming and detaining neo-Biafra agitators whose nascent quests for Biafra is traceable to the social barriers and inequalities in Nigerian nationality that have seen the Igbo and entire Eastern Nigeria outside the Nigerian political economy. One wondered what messages is our Joseph in Egypt led Federal Government communicating when the armies of the violent ethnic militias, Islamists and terrorists groups like Boko Haram are fortuitously and helplessly asked to embrace dialogues' while at the same time killing and suffocating the armless Igbo young leopards actually rooting for dialogues through non-violent social change advocacies? What then makes justification of the continued illegal detention of Barr Ben Onwuka and his Biafra Zionist Movement disciples and other Biafra agitators, and Igbo rising countermand politics while we are embarrassingly made to believe in the workability of Nigeria and leadership of one we spectacularly claims to be ours?

What further handwriting do we need to learn enough when the activities of the Islamists Fulanis herdsmen/elite's fundamentalism pushers and Boko Haram terrorists warring down all the genuine intentions and agendas of Your Excellency President Goodluck Jonathan, one of our own telling him to embrace Islam or give-up power – making enough testaments that the equality in Nigerian nationality is bankrupt? Need anyone telling us that if our first Eastern Nigerian Executive President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Nnamdi Azikiwe has been seen a “Joseph in Egypt” by those whose authority figures like Uthman dan Fodiyio and Sadurna Ahmadu Bello educated and believed that the Nigerian imperium is eternally theirs that we needed a haven in Chi's universe?

I feared for the day the Pharaohs that know not Joseph will take up Nigeria's leadership mantle. While believing that it will make the agitations of the young leopards easier and achievable, I feared that the political Niger Delta will be at the receiving ends when the initial Tony Blairs' British led West threats for massive shipments of warfare armaments to Nigeria to wipe-out Niger Delta for uninterrupted supply of crude oil to East and West will become plausible on the contention and assumption that they have been through amnesty programs been placated and have no further reasons for resource control agitation. By then Ateke Toms that felled for sops like the Cerberus will have no option or fields' day! It is to the articulate Asari Dokubos resource control militants that rejected the bait and hooks the time will beckon on.

And I have been wondering what Joseph in Egypt is doing to save his (Eastern Nigerian) people from the eventual political and economic holocausts waiting them by taking them neck deep into Nigerian nationality bereft of equality of status? Shall we continue with the feeble politics of Igbo countermand and “euphoria of Nigeria will be great and be great” while the golden opportunity that will help balance the anti-social economy and resolve the identity crisis and inequality in Nigeria elude us? Why will Joseph be in Egypt and his Simeonites led House of Israel continue to suffer from the inequality in Nigerian nationality?

Can someone help Joseph know that no matter how he would serve and make Egyptian statecraft great that his people already suffering the envies of the Egyptians who felt that a stranger is holding the imperium will one day face brutalities and war sapping policies, from the day that Pharaohs that knows him not comes onboard? Not when the political bitterness against Joseph, his rule and people are escalating and the born-to-rule protagonists deviously angling for the day that Joseph may no longer hold sway in Egypt?

We have been made by Joseph to celebrate Nigeria's golden jubilee (birth) in October 2010. We have been made to celebrate Nigeria's centenary birth four years after (in January 2014). Again we have had a national Conference convened by Joseph to give spirit to the outrageous Military imposed constitution that obfuscates and failed Lord Lugard's projected 100 years trials. Again, I say again we just celebrated Nigeria's 54th independence (birth) on 1st October 2014 – one wondered what Joseph is angling for. Is Nigeria 100 years and at the same time 54 years? To this my logic tutors taught me to say TAUTOLOGY. It is either P is P or P is not P. P cannot be P and at the same time be P. My Omenana dictates and philosophy of Law teachers taught me also that one cannot on a right frame approbate and also reprobate. Who's powerful Egypt is Joseph arming and fruitlessly canvassing? That our youths and gallant citizens who signed to defend Nigerians and Nigeria against foreign aggressions as Police, Soldiers and co will continue dying in the asocial infernos of inequality in Nigerian nationality and war of imperium?

Joseph, we have seen the goodness of your heart but wondered if you are seeing what lies against your humanity and other Nigerians badly mutilated by the excesses of the born-to-rule Arewa North Oligarchy? Why not place the Egyptian measure inside the bag of your people that they may have the opportunity to re-establish the highly threatened “House of Israel”? That we may have a countermand bastion of democracy in the Bights of Biafra (Gulf of Guinea) and Benin to compliment the efforts of the advocates of free humanity and democratic alternatives, world over. It makes sense letting the Right of the Indigenous People (UN 2007) be asserted especially now that the born-to-rule demented apostles have opted out of Nigerian constitutionality and democratic alternatives by having declared sharia rule for the 12 illegally appropriated contiguous states of the Arewa North and are rooting for final show-down advancing the Uthman dan Fodiyio's project burying the Jihadists' Quran in Atlantic?

I feared for Joseph in Egypt! I feared for Nigerians and especially his people basking in the euphoria of contemporary economic milieu and ephemeral bread and butter politics like the Ateke Toms.

However, Joseph may I bring to your notice that what stuns most and stood between Igbo and the self-styled owners of Nigerian estate are continued economic blockades and political subjugations of the Igbo in postwar Nigeria. Such that four decades-plus after the mutually destructive war the Igbo are yet to be considered Nigerians enough and integrated into Nigeria's econo``mic mainstream. Why leaving the predator beasts and go bullying civil young leopard, oh Joseph's Nigeria? It is high time the Igbo countermand economic and political wars are ended, oh Joseph in Egypt. You have been asking and begging the terrorists Boko Harams to embrace dialogue, oh Joseph; but be it asked if the young leopards asking for dialogue are not fancied that they are to be killed extra-judicially with the BEN ONWUKAS in prison upon having not slapped any? Dear Joseph, it is my humble wish to demand audience on behalf of the Young Leopards before they change gear as the immortal Malcolm X dutifully warned: “Those who make non-violent change impossible makes violence inevitable”.

Imagine Igbo are champions and movers of Nigerian economy with their homeland serving the business hubs of the East and Nigeria with biggest market in West Africa, Onitsha Main Market and others; yet there are no up-to-the-minute functional International Airports, Seaports, railways and good road networks. Few years' back Your Excellency President Goodluck Jonathan opted to throw Igbo haven open by elevating Akanu Ibiam Airport, Enugu and Sam Mbakwe Airport, Owerri to international cargo airports and make Onitsha River Port functional. Joys knowing no bounds greeted the ideas suggesting that the pay time for the Igbo's backing and making the Jonathan presidency possible has come. Today, it is worrisomely too bad that the Igbo people are yet to have these promises fulfilled. There is not a single Cargo airport facility and Cargo handlers in any of the airports in Igbo land, presently. Even Port Harcourt and Calabar Seaports that supposed serve the Igbo led Eastern region and feed Onitsha River port are in sorry states and underutilized and equipped. To the extent that the far away Lagos Seaports and Mohammed International airport long and unduly elevated to underserve Eastern Nigerian(s) are still favoured economic connecting-points.

One is not oblivious of these economic sabotages against the Igbo's and Easterners because there were/are lots of economic bottlenecks put in place at the end of the Biafra war to checkmate Igbo's. Namely the gagged failure to implement the 3rs –Rehabilitation, Reconciliation and Reconstruction on which bases we ended the mutually internecine Biafra – Nigeria war making room for the We all don tire treaty, otherwise called Non Victor, No vanquished War Treaty. Such, that about four-decades-plus after the Biafra war, the Igbo have no federal presence except revenues and tax collectors and minions of the law rottenly used to supplant Igbo rising and countermand their socio-economic and political agendas. These bring-about in great-drive of people from Igbo land to different parts of Nigeria and other parts of the world in search of economic prospects. And the collectively owed Igbo's goat die of hunger and social injustices – and some people sing “one Nigeria, one Nigeria blues” while refusing regime and system change that it takes a society to be great and among economic destinations of the world.

Thus, I see bleakness and people flogging lamed horse to ignite unavailable action-speed in the veil of nationalism as, I also see that furtherance of the devilish and inimical uneven developments orchestrated by the anti-Igbo forces since end of the Biafra war has oozed-out all genuine efforts of the Goodluck Jonathan presidency to make Nigeria work. That the initial efforts intended to make Akanu Ibaim and Sam Mbakwe International Airports fully met international aviation standards with cargoes handlings have failed. Thus, inconveniently, headway looks to have been hindered, with no efforts in place to make sure that the airports' cargo management setups are completely actuated.

There are no warehouses and cargos facilities intended for cargo management in place in both Akanu Ibaim and Sam Mbakwe International airports presently. There are no cargos handling companies such as the Skypower Aviation Handling Company (SAHCO), and the state owned Nigerian Aviation Cargo handling Company (NAHCO), in Akanu Ibiam and Sam Mbakwe international Airports. These operational hiccups and unfriendly regimes have sabotaged the initial wholehearted surge of commercial activities that greeted the arrival of international flights in Akanu Ibiam Airport August 2013.

We are not surprise that these policies nose-dive and ignoble Aviation realities in the two international airports in the Igbo's hinterlands are happening. Many have even alleged that it was the major reasons why those whose tribal lords laid and influenced uneven economy development against the Igbo and Eastern region since end of the war warred down the best Minister of Aviation in history Mrs. Stella Oduah for through Ibiam and Mbakwe Airports throwing open Igbo land as Eastern Nigerian business hub. Now that a successful Igbo Nigerian personality in the person of Mr. Osita Chidoka has been appointed Minister of Aviation, President Goodluck Jonathan must reassured the Igbo nation that they exist in his Nigerian map and presidency by not only helping him to accomplish the Oduah's aviation revolution but help in earnest making the Igbo nation a benefiting part of the postwar Nigeria (in the interim).

If the Igbo are to mind their perennial manmade economic plights in and beyond Nigeria there may not have been Jonathan Presidency, hitherto. Were the Igbo to mind the discordant tunes of the self-beseem Niger Delta champions who selfishly present political Niger Delta scorecards without the Igbo's who diligently and doggedly advocate and defend Jonathan Presidency on Eastern/Midwest Nigerian accord there may have been a political holocausts that may have swept away Jonathan presidency and things would have gone bad, too-comely. We (Igbo) risked everything voting Dr. Jonathan into Nigerian presidency doing even what other non-Igbo Easterners could not do for the Igbo when they joined the born-to-rule protagonists ramming Igbo's former Vice President of Nigeria Dr. Alex Ekwueme's most strategized presidential bid down on two occasions.

Goodluck Jonathan and his Ijaw kinsmen cannot genuinely claimed having vigorously campaigned for the Igbo's support during the 2011 presidential elections that favoured the incumbent – Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. The Igbo joined his electioneering campaign and processes on realizing that what long faced them is now facing all. Today, run a check from President Jonathan's kitchen cabinet to streets, print, electronic, online and social Medias it have been diligently and vociferously Igbo's versus his detractors than even Mr. President's tribesmen! The Igbo are doing this from a holistic humane conviction that injustice to one is injustice to all.

While we decried the embarrassing attempted forceful visit to Your Excellency as made last year by the present Chairman of Ohanaeze Youth Wing (appendage youth organ of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo that compliments Ohanaeze Youth Council (Igbo youth independent command organ roles) led by Mr. Okechukwu Isiguzoro making claims for amnesty for the Igbo Youths as a way of cornering empowerment both in Media and other medium. Whereas, we did so believe that Igbo youths have not done anything warranting state pardon: And taking into cognizance that North East youths have been shortlisted for Billions of naira empowerment programs based on the adverse effects of Boko Haram insurgencies, we are of the opinion that it is high time the Igbo Youth are taken into confidence through a well thought-out economic empowerment programs that will add to Igbo's humanity to make up the deficits of the failed implementation of the Biafra – Nigeria end of war treaty's 3Rs – Rehabilitation, Reintegration and reconstruction. Must we carry guns and throw bombs before we are heard and attended?

We are of the opinion that your Excellency should in all attentiveness revisits the Federal Executive Council Resolution that at the tail ends of the Chief Olusegun Obasanjo presidency declared Education Emergency for the Igbo Boy Child and Northern Girl Child – making special programs/projects aimed at curtaining and saving worsening education disasters inherent the said zones.

Finally, Mr. President, pardon me if I have taken you for granted herein, the same way your Azikiwe nature has always seen you abused by the high and mighty, elderly and children, scholars and politicians. Yet there was no language of terror, assassinations and destruction of anyone's means of livelihoods as witnessed some years-back. I have heard that you read ignoble disciplines – zoology and fishery –and have no mastery of leadership. And I laughed saying that there are no sense in this argument.

For in Oldfuture universe of ours it is the culture of mastering animals' traits that we are first fed with during moonlights plays, stories after meals and mythical suppositions and is the weltanschauung of traditions teaching the children when to go golden with silence with mastery of eagles, dogged like elephants, majestically movement and unleashing the lion traits at decisive hour, wisdom lane like tortoise, maneuvering ways like fishes, etc. I laughed again saying: Is it not animal traits and experimenting with animals that White man who has lost touch with human family conducts his social and scientific researches? Mr. President I grant you your wealth and mastery of all creatures' behavioural traits and body languages. It has been your strength.

I also in line with African patterns of speech that will see the Igbo, having the floor saying: Ndi be anyi kama unu ga-atufum, biko tufuonu okwu m ma werem (My people, instead to throw me away, throw away my speech and have my humanity count, please). I hereby subscribe to this, unlike the nauseating disparaging arguments against you that have seen your detractors saying “take the message, ignore the messenger” when a predecessor of yours jibed you and the said fellow is hobnobbing with his real abusers as his SUPPORTERS not knowing that they have unknowingly thrown him away instead of taking him in and rejecting his unholy accusing fingers. Mr. President, I hope I have been able to make you a friend by disabusing your mind and can come have tea different from the Abiola's with you?

My President, just understand my fears that ever the fall of the first Republic we have been having many a father of NEW NIGERIA. Even Obasanjo was and assimilated the ruse of being father of New Nigeria twice. Yet more fathers of new Nigeria are more angling to come aboard. Then when shall it end? How many will perish before we brave up to the challenges of our generation? Do we go bequeathing the melody of Nigeria that is to be great and to be great without our citizenry welfarism? I just feared for the day the game may be up for my Joseph and or the day the Pharaohs that do not know him will assumed the mantle of Egyptian Nigerian state. And there may be no breath space for the new Moses. Have our Abraham – Nnamdi Azikiwe not come and gone, and our Moses – Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu not come and gone? Why not we have Joshua that will take us to the liberated House of Israel? Until that day……………………. Joseph! Joseph! Joseph! How many times have I called you?-?-?-?

Mazi Okwu Okwu, writes from Umuohamadike Ukpor, Anambra State – Eastern Nigeria and is the Secretary, BoT and Project Expansion Emissary, Ohanaeze Youth Council. Contact:email:[email protected] Tel:234-803-5555-808.

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