2015: Ogoni Group Calls For Caution Over Rivers Governorship

By Ogoni SDN

The Ogoni Social Democratic Network(OSDN) has called on the people of Ogoni ethnic nationality to be cautious of politicians who are currently disguising as patriots when they are actually those who have contributed in setting the people on the path of retrogression.

Speaking yesterday in Bori, president of the group George Kilsi Nubari said most of those who recently met and called on all political parties in Nigeria to field only Ogoni candidates for the Rivers State governorship elections in 2015 were either governorship aspirants or their sponsors whose drive is their personal goals and not that of the Ogoni.

Nubari said it is on record that these so-called leaders have no record of achievement in Ogoni. Some of them actually played active roles in the killing of our leaders in 1995 and have been in government for over 15years with nothing to show for it. It is therefore hypocritical for these same self-acclaimed leaders to posit as those who can rescue the Ogoni if elected as governor of Rivers State in 2015.

"It is on record that the present agitators for Ogoni governorship in 2015 have never been involved in any genuine demand for improved conditions in Ogoni over the years. They have only risen suddenly to clamor for an Ogoni to emerge as governor of Rivers State in 2015 because they are nursing governorship ambitions. This is selfish, unpatriotic and the Ogoni people will have nothing to gain from these ones as their antecedents show no record of commitment for any Ogoni cause" Nubari said yesterday.

Nubari called on Ogonis not to be persuaded by ethnic politics but to be driven by the desire for good leadership for the entire state.

Christopher Lah Niabari
Secretary (OSDN)