Are You Happy in Your Relationship?

Source: Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima -

Romance is the pursuit of happiness.

Love is the attainment of happiness.

If you are not happy in your relationship, then something has gone wrong with your love life.

No matter the lies your lover or spouse tells you to deceive and fool you, the truth cannot be hidden from you if you are not a dummy.
How can someone who claims to love you make you unhappy?

The worst tragedy I still maintain is to love someone who does not know the value of love?

In a way, that is why our Lord and Messiah Jesus Christ said, “Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces". - Matthew 7:6, Holy Bible.
Your love is holy.
Your love precious.
Your love is sacred.
Your love is a treasure of eternal value.
Don't let anyone abuse or misuse your love.
Anyone who does not appreciate love does not deserve love.
So, don't fling or throw your love to those who behave like dogs or swine.
And yes, there are many who behave like dogs and swine among us.
They have no human dignity.
They have no integrity and they have no nobility.
They have no conscience and they have no shame.
They can be bought and they can be sold.
And they come cheap.

You confess and profess your love to a man and marry in holy wedlock, but that same man turns around tomorrow to use you as his punching bag and even gives you a TKO and you end up in ER at the hospital as I recently witnessed when a man used a big instrument to hit his wife until she fell unconscious. And he left her to die, but neighbours rescued her and carried her to the hospital where doctors saved her precious life.
Did she cheat on him?
Did she disrespect him?
He has been cheating on her with different women and after sleeping with these strange women, he will still sleep with his wife and beats her at the slightest provocation.
I call this case, beauty and the brute.

Do you live in fear of your boyfriend or husband who is a bully?
Well, only a dummy will even date and marry a guy who is a bully.
Every bully is an immature and insecure person.
It is their insecurity caused by inferiority complex that makes them attack and hurt others to boost their shallow ego.
Most immature and insecure people are bullies.
And you can never be happy in any relationship with a bully.

What of dating a girl or woman who has no self confidence or who has low self esteem.
Majority of Nigerian girls and women lack self confidence. That is why they are easily intimidated by guys who often bully them into relationship
Sometimes taking lessons on martial arts will help you to boost your self-confidence psychologically and physically.

What is the use of being academically brilliant and professionally competent when one intellectually re-tarded brute can intimidate you?
I have seen these funny scenarios many times. And it can be really pathetic to see a girl in such a case.