Retail Bankers Offered Unique Opportunity To Steal March On New Era Of Retail Banking At Landmark London Conference

By Lafferty Group
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4 September 2014, LONDON: Profound changes are happening worldwide in the role and nature of the retail bank branch and Lafferty Group is launching a new conference series, Retail Banking Futures, to ensure decision-makers have the requisite insights and knowledge for meaningful success.

The first conference, “Through the Looking Glass – Next Generation Branch Banking”, takes place in London on the 26th and 27th of November in the stately surroundings of De Vere Holborn

Bars. Topics covered during the two-day conference will include placing customers at the heart of the brand, design innovation, network transformation and empowering the branch through technology, as well as breakout focus sessions and site visits to innovative bank branches in London.

“Retail Banking Futures are focused on tomorrow's key challenges and opportunities today,” the group's chairman, Michael Lafferty, said. “Our first conference focuses on the role of the bank branch in the future as part of a still evolving multichannel customer-centric approach.”

The conference in London is the first of a global series to be held in key locations worldwide (Johannesburg, Miami, Dubai, Singapore) under the banner: Retail Banking Futures.

The series of conferences will gather together up to 150 heads of retail banks and key decision-makers regionally and across the globe who face the challenge of reconfiguring the branch for a significant role in a multichannel future and will inform their planning and decision-making on branch network transformation and design and technology implementation. Expert speakers, tailored networking and breakout sessions will foster a clear vision for the bank branch and its changing role and format in a continuously evolving multichannel/omnichannel world.

“The traditional bank branch as we have known it is going the way of the Sony Walkman,” said Karen Epper Hoffman, Lafferty Research Analyst and author of the recent thought leadership report, Bank Branch of the Future, which inspired the conference theme. “As banks reorientate themselves for the future, we will see branches that are typically smaller – though in some cases larger – than today's norm. They will also convey a new attitude to customers and their individual needs.”

“Customer engagement, channels and the role of the branch are changing and will continue to change with different approaches being taken and models emerging,” observed Lafferty CEO, Robert Grealis. “This conference series will provide delegates with clear insight into the next generation bank branch and the foundations and supports on which this will be built.”

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Lafferty Group has a track record of success and innovation, most recently as the founder of the International Academy of Retail Banking, the first organisation dedicated to the professional development of retail bankers globally.

Retail Banking Futures is a global series of conferences organised by Lafferty Group, the first of which, “Through the Looking Glass – Next Generation Branch Banking”, takes place in London on the 26th and 27th of November in De Vere Holborn Bars, central London. Further events in the series will take place in Johannesburg, Miami, Dubai and Singapore. Full details can be found online at

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