Adirom ezo ezo welu na agba adaka maka na oburo anu [i do not shoot monkeys from a hiding spot ,i do not consider them great edible].

I would,ve spoken at the time, is height of stupidity but i spoke and shouted is what makes you a man.

Let me make it clear that I am not holding brief for Chief Peter Obi ,Chief Willie Obiano or Sir Victor Umeh, I am doing what I am destined to do as Nwa afo Igbo .Let me also establish that before the campaign and election ,I flew back to NIGERIA just to be on ground and do my best to enthrone APGA candidate ,I paid my flight tickets ,I travelled with the CAMPAIGN TEAM right from LAGOS ,we went to ALABA,TRADEFAIR,MUSHIN all of them have more than 6 sections each and we visited them all.I paid for my logistics and all those campaign I was reporting live with pictures and it cost good money from my personal and lean pocket .I flew down to AWKA and joined all the campaign train all through and I spend over 45 days in HOTELS ,do not count my feeding,logistics and other expenditures ,,,nobody paid me for it ,it was my own contribution to the success of the Party ,PHIL CHINWUBA AND PRIMUS can testify to this.

So when I speak ,I speak as a STAKEHOLDER that wants the best for the party ,I am not speaking as a mouth piece for anybody ,I speak from the heart that wants the best for my own state. My passion is great IGBOLAND,GREAT STATE AND GREAT BROTHERS that I can call my people.

APGA is our brand ,APGA is our soul and it is greater than any one man, what i am about to say comes without apology and no euphemistic words to make me to be loved.I am not in this world to please people who may call me friend while they have a mind ugly like that of HEAD HACKING JIHADIST .

If anybody should tell us that all is well with APGA just tell that person to eat dry shit or rie nsi aboki ,all is not well and come with me ,,Or if anybody can tell us that CHIEF PETER OBI AND GOV OBIANO are happy with one another ,land that person some slap on the right side of his face.

Since the day Peter Obi handed over to Obiano ,the duo is yet to enjoy fraternity of any kind .I noticed that before 100 DAYS in office that Gov Obiano has never invited Obi to any thing not even the stakeholders meetings ,then 100 DAYS in office was so obvious that Obi was absent .onye obuna sikwo obulu ya ,it is unfair and unjust and I will say it without fear or favor that GOV OBIANO should understand that Gov Obi will be a plus to him and not a minus because I know he will not ask him for anything .Gov Obiano should start cleaning house of those extra baggage he is feeding ,give them severance package and lay them off ,then get those that will work for the state ,those that will make the first Governor from ANAMBRA NORTH to worth his salt,not some of this things that prance around and usurping the functions of other qualified people and yet they will do a bad job of it.

Chief Peter Obi contributed in his own way to this APGA MESS ,whatever his reasons maybe he did some very bad move ,he was the GOVERNOR of all Governor ,a very good administrator and he set a very great standard for ANAMBRA as a state ,he took Governance to a brand new height but he did nothing to unite APGA as one family, he was the one that helped to hold a convention that brought in MAXI and dethroned Umeh ,later he kissed and made up with Umeh without consulting or informing the other party ,he did not make effort to reconcile the factions and till he left office ,the house was factionalized like PDP. Bitterness was all over the faces of APGA NATIONAL WORKING COMMITTEE and they were justified to be angry and bitter,it was like giving somebody a a bag of salt to deliver and you Conjure rain to beat the person silly.

Gov Obiano came in and he was advised to reconciled the party ,so that he won,t inherit any acrimony that may have been left behind ,what people expected from him then was to call both factions ,seat them on a round table and let them steam and vibrate and after make peace for them and we will all be happy and surprise to see MAXI and UMEH shine teeth and pretend that all is well ,i know that akpa akpa aralu na ute but the worst thing that will happen is to tell nwoke na onwero ife oga eme,if you dare say so ,ome ife ifu na anya.

Gov Obiano pretended that all is well and that MAXI and his entire NWC that constitute over 97% of APGA HUNCHO does not matter ,that was when i remember what my father said "you cannot sleep well if you refuse to address the case of a snake that ran into your house ,because at the sound of any noise ,your mind will run to an attack from the snake " .

Now come in Emperor Sir Victor Umeh ,the man is a good general when there is crisis no doubt about it ,he will lead campaign against a foe ,he can get dirty ,he can swim in gutter but result he must get ,,the danger is that this kind of a General does not survive in era of peace and decorum ,he prefer when the entire place is in turmoil and that way he can play his role ,the only role he knows how to play.

Now that Peter Obi caged dogfatherism in the state ,now that Obi set a very high standard ,now that obi broke the record sorry i mean records,such as

[1] Mr peter Obi was the First Governor to win election in the state without a Godfather

[2] Mr Peter Obi was the first Governor in the history of the state to win election in a free and fair election manner in a multi party system

[3]He was the first Governor in history of South Eastern Nigeria who contested and win election as a Multi Billionaire [as far back as 1991 he was a Director in Barclays Bank London]

[4] The First Governor in Nigeria whose mandate was stolen and he went to court for 3 years plus with ultimate patience and regain his mandate

[5]The First Governor in History to survive an impeachment saga, despite the fact that a sitting Government on Top went to Asaba to hatch the plot


[7]The first Governor to govern with his wife in ANAMBRA STATE

[8] The First Governor to pioneer a workshop of peer review mechanism in NIGERIA.

[9] The First Governor who believe 100% on the rules of the law and respect it even when it did not favor him

[10]The first Governor who is not Tribalistic ,ethnical or sectional in Governance

[11] The First Governor who goes by the commonest title “MR PETER OBI”

[12] The First Governor who does not blast siren as the first Citizen of the state,he moves noiselessly

[13]The First Governor to receive Award as the best FISCAL MANAGER

[14]The First Governor to accord Traditional Rulers due respect and attention in NIGERIA

[15]The First Governor to become Chairman south East Governor's forum throughout his 2 tenures of 8 years,the position is rotational every years but he was judged by others to be irreplaceable

[16] The First Governor to become Vice Chairman Nigerian Governor's forum ,even though he is with opposition and minority party

[17]The First Governor to work in Tandem with TOWN PG'S ,Churches,Market women ,school children and never get tired of doing it

[18]The only Governor that works in his second tenure and still working five minutes to end of his handover

[19] The First Governor to launch a development strategy for the state progress “ANIDS”

[20]The First Governor to be conscripted into all the Presidents committees even when he is in a Minority and opposition party

[21] The First Governor to have a great working relationship with the Federal Government and the state is reaping the bountiful benefits from such relationship

[22] The First Governor who started with one PARTY APGA and ends with it [today he said that not only will he end as APGA ]

[23]The First Governor who handed schools back to the original owners and gave them over 6 billion Naira to help them restore education to it's former glory

[24] The First Governor to accord our falling Hero's a befitting burials from IKEMBA NDI IGBO TO CHINUA ACHEBE ,burial that cannot be equaled in Africa

[25]The First Governor to Govern the state for 8 years [have it in mind that he is not under a party at the central but a party the central disliked]

[26] The first serving Governor to be appointed as the SPECIAL ADVISER to the President [President from another party]

[27]The first Governor to partner with Donor agencies for the development of the state

[28] The First Serving Governor to be appointed into Presidential economic team

[29] The first Governor to be HONORED WITH A NATIONAL AWARD in 2011,when it was extended to other Governor's he remain the only one in SOUTH EAST

[30] The First Governor to serve a second Term both in the old and New Anambra state

[31] The First Governor to come back from impeachment and return as a Governor

[32]The First Governor to get a TENURE INTERPRETATION by Supreme court

[33]The First Governor to reclaim his mandates through courts

[34]During the Presidential campaign ,when the SOUTH –SOUTH and SOUTH EAST GOVERNOR'S formed a common forum ,he was elected the Chairman

[34]The Governor that made ANAMBRA STATE to stop being a PARIAH STATE

[35]The First Governor in history of the state to handover to his party candidate in peace

Sir Victor Umeh has shown that he change with the wind ,first he was in sweet with Gov Obi and when Rochas came in with hot pot of money he switched allegiance with speed of a bullet and when Rochas started showing him that two CON MASTERS cannot work on same Con ,he switched over to IFEANYI UBAH and when he finish milking that young man ,he switched over to SOLUDO and taught him some lessons in political ashaworism ,he switched over to Ekwunife that was after Nicholas Ukachukwu then he finally switched back to Gov Obi and at the twilight end of Obi,s tenure ,he quickly switch over to the new Governor Obiano and he is trying all his might to make sure that both of them are living with conflict ,so that he will be reaping the dividend as okwobe ekwobe obanyelu onye aghugho and also ala adighi nma bu uru ndi Nze.

What beats me silly is, why is Gov Obiano not seeing this Man for what he is ? ,why can,t Gov Obiano do his thing and make sure that he as the Governor He is the Number one PARTY HUNCHO ?. Why not call the factionalized APGA and make peace with everybody ? why can,t he get on phone and call all the APGA DECAMPEES and if it means going to them and looking them eye ball to eye ball ,after all iru dike na anyu nma nko and he is AKPOKUE DIKE ,this time I am KPOKUE-ING him to make the move ,so that APGA will not die in his hand .He should know that Sir Victor Umeh's interest is to go to Senate and if it means burying APGA to get that dream ,he will do it without even thinking twice.

I pray AKPOKUE DIKE to get up and do what Dike should do ,and before I forgot ,he should also try and appreciate all those APGA die hard that fought 24/7 on social media to make sure that PARACETAMOL sorry I mean APC did not take dominance during the campaign and election.

I humbly bow out and awaits the APGA of our dream

Mazi Odera
Truth is our standard,accept it in good faith or
we shove it down your throat.The Choice is yours.
I am off but on
[email protected]

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