Why Major General Mohammadu Buhari can still glow with Pride – by Ndiameeh Babrik

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The whole truth is that God in his infinite mercies have endowed General Mohammadu Buhari with a lot of sterling qualities. He has the height, he has the gait, he has the handsomeness, he has the brain, he has the honesty and above

all he has the patriotism.
Therefore General Mohammadu Buhari can always glow with pride. I would like to thank Globacom for borrowing their statement of trade. Antecedence of individuals is very important in human history, therefore General M. Buhari's antecedence speak for itself.Whenever the history of corporate Nigeria is written and will be written, General Mohammadu Buhari's contribution will be written in Gold. The whole truth is that General Mohammadu Buhari is light years way ahead and above his peers just as he is shoulders high above them in height. Let us look at his contribution to the national development of the Nigerian state.I am being objective in this analysis so that nobody will accuse me of being pro-Buhari or something.

Apart from the 2.8 billion Naira that was said to have disappeared in NNPC in 1978 while General Buhari was the chairman, I cannot recall for now any corruption that can ascribed to this tall lanky General who for once cannot be called a General of fortune. Before I started putting this pen to paper, I have surveyed the internet to check what comments and write ups have talked about General Buhari being corrupt. I have not found one single corrupt practise directly linked to his person. Even the 2.8 billion Naira was simply said to have disappeared under his watch while corporate responsibility naturally falls on his shoulders. That is why I said General Buhari can continue to glow with pride for now. What Nigerian so called public officers forget is that history is always here with us forever and therefore it is not the issue of being I was the first military president or I was the senate president at one time or the other. I like supporting my presentation with facts and not emotions and sentiments.

Therefore I refer my readers to please go to the internet and read the “Petroleum industry in Nigeria” and see what is said about whom and who did what to destroy Nigeria.The facts are clear, Major General Mohammadu Buhari has the Midas touch to turn Nigeria round for good if antecedence are anything to go by. In a lighter mood we used to say in those days BUHARI is an acronym for “Brought us happiness and removed indiscipline.” Then suddenly there was indiscipline brought back!What I am saying in essence is that General Buhari's exploits as GOC 3rd Division of the Nigerian Army when he chased out the Chadian rebels out of Nigeria in 1981/82 was simply outstanding. That General Buhari as a military Head of State brought sanity into the Nigerian system is still being clamoured and yearned for 24 years after he left power abruptly. That he still brought his Midas touch to the PTF as chairman with power to approve just 50 million Naira contract is still there for every one to see.

Despite all the sensitive and money making positions he has held including being the governor of the former Northern Eastern state and Head of State, I have not seen on the internet or in any media for that matter any unexplained wealth or palatial house or houses linked with General Buhari. Another puritan like him that I can think of is probably General Yakubu Gowon, somebody need to prove me otherwise.Good honest people are brought out of retirement to salvage situations and Nigeria cannot be different if the truth be told.The French did it with Charles de Gaulle why not Nigeria?General Buhari so far has been the only former Head of State that can wag his tail and walk freely in Nigeria without looking over his shoulders.

While former leaders came to line their pockets with the national wealth, promote themselves to Generals of fortune and above all name some important streets and edifices and towns in Nigeria after themselves and their wives and children, it was not so with General Buhari, he was driven by patriotic zeal to serve Nigeria, even after being the Head of State for 20 months, he never promoted himself to a four-star general like others who came before or after him. Compare him to his successors or even predecessors who hardly did they stage their coup d'etat their first duty to state was promoting themselves to General and creating the office of First Lady whatever that means to steal the national and commonwealth.

Therefore if the truth which is bitter be told, General Mohammadu Buhari is a patriotic Nigeria and is outstanding amongst his peers and colleagues and therefore can always glow with pride. His contribution to national development has made history to be on his side even in the future.

Ndiameeh Babrik ( [email protected]

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