AASU On The Ongoing Israel Military Operation In Gaza, Palestine

By All Africa Students Union (AASU)
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The Secretariat of the All Africa Students Union (AASU) is following great shock and dismay the ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza killing innocent Palestinians and destroying infrastructures. This situation came about with the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers allegedly by Palestinians, followed by the burning alive of a Palestinian allegedly by Israelis.

The violence was triggered by the firing of rockets from Gaza into Israel followed by Israeli strikes into Gaza. The Premier Minister of Israel has ordered a Defense Force operation in Gaza. Since the eruption of the conflict, seven days now, three Israelis have been reported injured while about 160 Palestinians have been killed including women and children and more than 1000 others have been injured.

The ongoing tragic events in Palestine point to a worrying passiveness on the part of the international community. Very few voices, among the Powerful nations as well as in the Arab countries and their organizations, have been raised to denounce this massacre of innocent Palestinians by the Israel Authorities. Even the right to self defense, always conjured up by Israel, cannot justify the attack against the civilian populations to whose plights everybody seems to be indifferent.

The disproportionate use of force by Israel, in flagrant violation of international law, is a source of dangerous escalation of violence making the peaceful solution of the Middle East crisis a mirage. The silence of the international community is simply worrisome because we are unable to know where this Israeli bid will lead to while the Middle East is prey to numerous conflicts and crises.

The International Community must not, at any time, adhere to such agitation if its speeches on human rights and the respect for international humanitarian law, always used as reasons to intervene elsewhere, should not become completely discredited for being selective.

AASU condemns Israeli excessive use of force against the innocent Palestinian people and calls for an immediate cease fire and the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza;

AASU urges the international community to pressure Israel to stop immediately its military operation in Gaza and adhere to 2012 Peace Accord and AASU calls all peace loving people and democratic forces to express their solidarity with the people of Palestine and call Israel to order for the sake of world peace.

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