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Argentina or Nigeria will have a fairly clear route to the semifinal.

By Mauricio Di Giorgio
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Argentinian manager Rodolfo Zapata said he sees the potential for the Super Eagles to "create problems" at the World Cup.

Asked how far he thinks the reigning African champions will go in their campaign, the 1996 Olympic football gold medal winner said: 'Nigeria and Argentina will play a decisive game. It is not the same to finish first or second place on their Group F."

"The draw puts France, Germany and Brazil on the same side of the elimination brackets (assuming they win their groups). In theory Group F winner will face with Ecuador or Switzerland in the second round. Then Belgium, Russia, Ghana or Portugal in quarterfinals, and a possible semifinal with Spain seem an easier way to get to the final game", Rolo Zapata said.

"The quality of football played in Africa has improved significantly. Argentina arguably have the best attack of any team in the world, but there are some question marks over their defense and goalkeeper", he said.

As a coach Rodolfo Zapata has managed teams in Nigeria and South Africa. Currently, he is working with United States Youth Soccer Association.