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President Obama on D.C. stroll surprising parkgoers

By The Rainbow
President Obama on D.C. stroll surprising parkgoers
President Obama on D.C. stroll surprising parkgoers
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'The bear is loose,' the president joked, during walk around the Ellipse

You can almost read the bystanders' minds.
 Who's that tall presidential-looking fellow, surrounded by a crew of armed men and women who look like they've never cracked a smile in their entire lives? 'Say honey?'

President Obama took a stroll through the Ellipse in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday morning, en route to a meeting at the Department of the Interior. Along the way, he stopped to shake hands with a few tourists and locals who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

'The bear is loose,' Obama joked.
One gentleman, an obvious fan, approached the president and shook his hand. A bit later, Obama walked past a couple sitting on a bench. Referencing the parade of photographers, Obama said, 'Bet you didn't expect to have all these people [taking pictures].' The man joked back, 'It's for my birthday.' Obama wished him a happy birthday, asked where he's from (Israel) and then asked the man to tell everybody back home that he says hello.

In another bit of raw video released by the White House, a woman approached Obama and said, quite simply, 'Are you real?'

Obama responded that he wasn't made of wax.
The wax museum jokes continued when Obama met another woman, who, while having her picture taken with the commander in chief, remarked, 'Oh, my gosh, someone's gonna think you're like wax.'

Hey, she stole his line!