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Banks, businesses shut down in Nyanya Latest blast raises fresh Posers

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The suicide bombing Thursday in Nyanya, a suburb of Abuja, which killed at least 20 persons and injured many more, has triggered a wave of panic as banks and several business premises around the area failed to open on Friday.

At least 20 bank branches are located in Nyanya and Mararaba, a sprawling town in Nasarawa State, but shares common boundary with bomb-ravaged Nyanya.

This is as the latest bomb blast has become a subject of concern in security circles.

A white Volkswagen Golf II laden with explosives had exploded less than 100 metres from the spot of an earlier suicide bombing, on April 14, triggering a wave of panic across Nigeria.

The driver of the Golf car was blown to pieces.
Interestingly, the latest bombing in Nyanya occurred less than 200 metres to a military checkpoint, the last before Asokoro, where the presidential villa is located.

The immediate worry in security circles, gathered, is the original target of the suicide bombing as Thursday was a public holiday.

A security source said the concern was that the Improvised Explosive Device (IED)  detonated before hitting its target.

“Thursday was Workers' Day, so traffic was unusually light on the Nyanya-Abuja end of the expressway.

“Could the bomber be targeting the military checkpoint? Was he trying to haul his cargo of death into a busy spot in the city centre and detonate same today which is a both a working day and day for Jumat prayers?,” posed the official.

The security official posited that the suicide bombing may have originally targeted the Worker's Day celebration, but that the very tight security around Eagle Square may have altered the plans.

“You may have noticed that security was extra-tight around the Eagle Square. We anticipated an attack, so put in place extra security measures. This clearly must have frustrated the enemy,” he opined.

A few days after the April 14 suicide bomb attack on Nyanya, Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau posted a. video in which he vowed to carry out more attacks through  his bombers he claimed were already in Abuja.