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The War In South Sudan...A Lesson For Nigerians!

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I often wonder about the eagerness with which South Sudanese leaders herded their people into this bitter war of attrition soon after the protracted war of "liberation" from mainstream Sudan. This can only have one meaning: "Leaders" who implore the common man to sacrifice his life for wars of "liberation" are merely wasting those lives for selfish ends....they do not die in those wars....neither do their offsprings....they covet all the gains of liberation to themselves....they engage in obscene open squabbles over these spoils.

A good lesson for Nigerians: So, when the looters of our common treasury eventually herd the current impasse into a war, let no Nigerian allow himself to be tricked into getting himself killed so that the vermins that rule us would reap the gains. Let them prosecute such war with only their kith, their kin and their cronies! Mark you, as sure as the day, they would soon find greedy excuses for another war within the fresh enclaves the war an unending fashion! This is a clarion call. Let those that have ears hear!

We need to be cautious. These unscrupulous rulers would play the ethnic and religious cards to lure the people into these wars with emotional fevor. As far as I am concerned, any person...from any tribe...can be our President! We should not allow ourselves to be used as cannon fodder! We should not fall for this trick. Taking such baits would throw us forward as a bunch of fools!

It gladdens my heart that we are all in agreement on this important matter of life and death.....bordering on deathly exploitation of man by man! We need to be very careful....jealously guarding our humanity....and love of one another. Nobody can be too wise in this ethnic play. Even I have fallen for it before!

Dr Tosin Akindele is a Lagos-based medical practitioner and a social critic.

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