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E-X-P-O-S-E-D!!! The Wicked Leader; President Goodluck Jonathan.

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 Nigeria, they say has never been blessed with good leaders, and these irresponsible leaderships have lead to unnecessary lost of lives and general distrust by the common man on the those charged with leadership responsibility.

The heartless and clueless President from the River-line Otueke, Bayelsa according to Hope For Nigeria, won the heart of Nigerians in 2011 with promises of Hope and fresh air. Below is how far the incompetent President Goodluck Jonathan has fared in the last 4 years in office.

They have said that the Nigerian Economy under President Jonathan has Retrogressed. Is this true?

Here are the Facts with web based evidence so that you may not only trust what we write about the wicked GEJ, but independently verify for themselves:

1] Under President Jonathan Nigeria's Economy has grown to Become the Largest Economy in Africa.

2] In 2009 Nigeria's Per Capita Income was $1,091. Today it is $1,721 and increase of almost 70%.

3] In 2007 Average Life Expectancy in Nigeria Was 47 Years. Today it is 52 Years.

4] In 2010 Inflation in Nigeria Was 15.60%. Today it is 7.9%.

5] In 2007 Maternal Mortality Rate Was 750 per 100,000 Births. Today It Is 580.

Unfulfilled Promises::
It has been confirmed that President Jonathan have Not Fulfill His Promises. This is why it is right to say according to Hope For Nigeria, that President Goodluck Jonathan actually has failed Nigerians.

Here are the Facts or achieved evidence so that you readers may not only trust what we write, but verify for themselves at your spare times:

1] On August 26, 2010, President Jonathan Promised to Privatize Nigeria's Power Sector After Heavily Investing in Improving It's Infrastructure.

2] On November 1, 2013, That Promise Was Fulfilled After Successful Bidders Took Delivery Nigeria's Power Generation and Distribution Companies.

3] Before President Jonathan Ascended to Power The Southeast Had no International Airport. He Promised The Southeast One in 2011.

4] On the 24th of August 2013, The First International Flight Operated by Ethiopian Airlines Landed at the New Akanu Ibiam

International Airport Enugu.
5] In 2011 President Jonathan Promised to Revive the Railways.

By 2012 The Nigerian Railways Corporation Began Operating a Lagos to Kano Service at the Cost of Just N1,500.

In 2013 Rail lines Were Revived From Lagos Port Direct to Kaduna, delivering goods to the far North. This will help to protect our roads, reducing accidents as a result of tankers and Trailers failing at the middle of the road and reducing the cost of doing business.

6] In 2010, President Jonathan promised to Build at Least One Federal University in 12 States of The Federation That Had No Federal Universities. These Include Bayelsa State, Katsina State, Jigawa State, Taraba, Kogi State, Nasarawa, Ekiti State, Ebony State, Gombe State, Kebbi State, Yobe State and Zamfara States.

Today, all of these States have one Federal University each.

Note: In 4 years in office, the budget of Education has been increased by 200% to ensure that facilities, quality and environment of learning in Nigeria is improved. The right questions should have been, what have ASUU and NUC done with these billions invested in the last 4 years.

7] In 2011 President Jonathan Promised to Build Schools for Itinerant Scholars in The North Known as Almajiri.

As at Today, 123 Almajiri Model Schools Equipped With Malam's Quarters, Hostels, Qu'ranic Recitation Hall and Science Laboratories Have Been Completed While 277 Are Awaited.

8] In 2011 President Jonathan Promised to Rebuild or Repair Nigeria's Roads. About 85% of Nigerians roads are now in good state, reducing the number of deaths and the length of business time wasted on bad roads.

9] In 2011 President Jonathan Promised to Revive Nigeria's Health Sector. By 2013 His Administration Has Built 3,389 Heath Centers Nationwide.

This Administration Built National Cancer Screening Centers Nationwide, including at the

a] Federal Medical Centre, Gusau in Zamfara,
b] The University of Port- Harcourt Teaching Hospital and

c] The National Obstetric Fistula Centre in Abakaliki.

The wicked President Jonathan administration as at 2013

has Modernized the following Hospitals to match International standard.

a] Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital,
b] the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH).

c] the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan.
d] Built National Trauma Centers at the University of Abuja,

e] The National Hospital also in Abuja.
These Investments in the Health Sector Led to the First Stem Cell Transplant Surgery Ever in Nigeria at UBTH in 2012.

By October 2013 UCH Performed the First Open Heart Surgery in Nigeria. UNTH Enugu has performed Open Heart Surgery and large scale Kidney transplant.

NOTE: The question is, why do some Nigerians still prefer to go overseas for treatment after these huge investment in the Health sector in the last 4 years?

It is all about trust, the elites choose to go abroad for even Malaria treatments and shameless meeting a Nigerian doctor there as their Medical consultants. Over 95% of Nigerians visit our local Hospitals and they are alife, strong and kicking.

10] In 2010 President Jonathan promised to overhaul Nigeria's Football and Sports Administration for bBetter service delivery.

10a] In 2013 Nigeria became the African Champions after Winning the 2013 African Cup of Nations in South Africa. This is after 19 years of frutile attempts.

10b] We are also the current World Under 17 Champions, after winning the 2013 U-17 Tournament in The UAE.

10c] Nigeria also is the First African Nation to Qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, this is as a result of proper planning.

11] In 2010 President Jonathan Promised That Agriculture Would Be Revived.

12] In 2011 Nigeria Imported $11 Billion Worth of Food Especially Rice and Wheat.

13] In 2013, After the Introduction of Cassava Flour and The Duty on Imported Rice Which Led to Massive Local Production, Nigeria's food Import Bill Has Been Reduced by 77%.

14] Over Million Jobs Have Been Created in the Agriculture Value Chain Since 2011.

14a] The wicked President, according to information avaliable to Hope For Nigeria, Kicked 1000s of Fertilizer Middlemen, as they were put out of Business, because he want to crash the the prices Fertilizers to real farmers.

14b] Jonathan bought mobile phones for farmers and his Agric experts text them message for venues of training, technical supports and vouchers codes to buy Fertilizers at 25% of the officials price.

WHO and FAO stated that Nigeria is amongst the handful of countries that improved over the previous year In the 2013 Global Hunger Index.

NOTE: In 2012 there was a massive flooding across the food producing states of the federation. The understanding was that there will be relief materials coming from donor Nations, but that was not the case, as the Federal Government Built 1000s of Silo (Food storage) across the Country and this sustained the country till the next harvest period. The News Media did not mention this development, as it will put the wicked president Jonathan in good light.

15] On the 7th of March 2013, President Jonathan said “my presidential ambition is not worth your blood”. In keeping with this promise politically motivated killing or assassinations have become a thing of the past. In the last 4 years no Nigerian has lost his life, via political assassination as was the case in the past.

16] In 2010, President Jonathan promised Nigerian women that the Nigerian Defense Academy, NDA, would start to admit women.

Today in 2014 NDA is getting ready to admit its third set of female cadets having open its doors to women for the very first time in 2011.

17] In 2011, President Jonathan promised to sign the Hydro Power Areas Development Commission (HYPADEC) Bill into law.

In 2011 he fulfilled this promise and in the 2014 proposed budget the Federal Government has made provision for a take off grant for the institution.

18] In 2010, President Jonathan promised to dredge the River Niger. By 2012 the Federal Government awarded a N36billion Lower River Niger dredging contract to dredge the River Niger from Onitsha in Anambra State to Baro in Niger State. 95% of these projects have been completed and others finished and ready for use.

19] In 2011, President Jonathan promised to tackle youth unemployment. On the 10th of October 2011 President Jonathan launched the Youth Enterprise With Innovation in Nigeria (YouWin) initiative which has so far awarded grants of between N2m to N10m to over 3,000 Nigerian youths to start businesses that will employ other youths after receiving Federal Government funded entrepreneurial training.

As at today Thousands of Nigerians youths are in various employment training through the employment of SURE-P funds in various project and training initiates.

Wicked President, Nigerians know how best to pay you back. – Hope For Nigeria.

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