Hitzfeld Likes Ghana

Source: thewillnigeria.com
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Switzerland coach Ottmar Hitzfeld says Ghana can win the 2014 World Cup only if they are consistent.

The most successful German trainer of all time is in Ghana to provide star quality for the launch of sports website, AllSports.

'I think Ghana can become world champions.
What's important is that the performance has to be consistent throughout,' Hitzfeld said on Tuesday.

The Bayern Munich legend fleshed out swollen-headedness as a big problem, feeling that the lack of hunger when the team scales the knock-out phase remains an issue 'When you surprise or pull an upset, the emotions are very high because you feel you have done something special, and that can derail your focus.

But such achievements are only the beginning,' he explained.

'To teams or countries that want to become world champions, such achievements are seen as normal because they have their eyes on the ultimate.

' Hitzfield, who firmly backs his country to win the World Cup, says Ghana will have it tough in June together with Portugal and the United States in the same group.