A Nation where anything goes

By frank Ijege

Alison Redford, the Premier(governor) of Alberta, resigns effectively on Sunday. One of the reasons for her resignation is a $45,000 she allegedly spent during Nelson Mandela's burial last December.

Even though she offered to repay the said money, that did not calm her critics and in the end she had to resign.

In Nigeria, wetin be $45,000? In fact those demanding that she account will be called jobless critics and claim her political detractors and enemies of her progress are at work. Protests will be organized by her kith and kin threatening fire and brimstone if their daughter is touched. In the end, nothing will be heard about the money and madam may even seek reelection.

After egbon Professor Pius Adesanmi brought this story to their fore, I couldn't help thinking what kind of people we are as a country. My mind quickly went to the #Etehgate scandal, the crisis that rocked the House of Reps as a result.

Hmmm...can I forget the #Oduah gate? Madam said she will not resign and our president remained helpless. Even when we thought he had gathered to courage to sack her, he said no she and others were not sacked, but relieved of their positions to pursue their political carriers. There is also the issue of missing funds. Till date, nobody knows anything about it

The strong woman Dizeani Alison Madueke, after spear heading payment of trillions as fuel subsidy, remains tightly on her seat. The issue of kerosene subsidy reared its ugly head and madam has not given us a useful explanation.

Then came to issue of N10 billion allegedly spent on private jet. While this is on, our dear president in far away Namibia set corruption is blown out of proportion is Nigeria. Hmmm...na wa o.

In saner climes, these public officers would have towed the path of honour and resign, putting the interest of Nigeria above any personal interest. But no, Nigeria can take the back seat while do they everything possible to destroy her. Sadly they are back by a president who through either an act of omission or commission has been giving his blessings and silent approval to corruption.

In the Nigerian context, Mrs. Redford's offence is that she is from the wrong country where the rule of law prevail and where the people lay more emphasis on accountability of public officers. In Nigeria, who send? Everybody is just waiting for an opportunity to take his share of the national cake.

So Abba Moro Nigeria's dear Minister of Interior is still in this government, after conducting a charade that ended up killing Nigerian? I am least surprised. After all, this is a government where anything goes.

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