See The Reasons Why Fashion Mimicks Life.

Source: Edith Elekwachi/

Fashion is a way of life. Fashion is not a luxury. It is found in the streets, in the air, in the sky, fashion is just everywhere.

It is not simply what we wear, but how we live it. It shows who we are, our creativity and originality.

We express it. We love it. We breathe it. We live it. We even eat it.

It is a reflection of our personalities and also, an expression of it.

Fashion is inspiration. Fashion is powerful. Fashion is important. Fashion is strong.

We humans, make the city streets our runway, because our fashion senses showcases to the world.

Everywhere we go, look around you, what you see is fashion. It is our getaway from the world, an ideally perfect place of all things beautiful.

Your fashion could influence someone distances away from you.

Fashion does not own you, you own fashion.

Beauty they say is not attributed by appearance but by what it is and also represents.

Finally, if fashion designers like Deola Sagoe, Zizi Cardow, Ohimai Atafo, Frank Oshodi and Fashion critic Emmy Collins, didn't take risks, they won't be successful designers today. Let's appreciate fashion the moderate way.